The Labour-aligned Council of Trade Unions has launched nasty attack ads on our leader Christopher Luxon and National to help their mate Chris Hipkins and his increasingly desperate Labour Party. 

‘Be kind’ has truly become ‘be nasty’ under Chris Hipkins and his union elite buddies. 

There are several trade unions planning to advertise this election, and they’re all entitled to spend almost $400,000 each!

Help us fight back with the truth. 

This all ties in with Hipkins planning to run the most negative election campaign in decades. 

While we’ve been focused on making Kiwis better off, Labour’s union executive mates have prioritised using members’ fees to campaign for three more years of a Labour Government that’s fueled the cost-of-living crisis making their workers worse off.

Labour has been caught out repeatedly spreading disinformation about National’s policies and it seems Hipkins will stop at nothing to cling to power. 

This weekend, Hipkins launched his campaign with an e-mail featuring outright lies about National.

We can take six weeks of Labour’s lies and attacks but Kiwis can’t take another three years of Labour’s reckless economic mismanagement

National’s campaign is relentlessly focused on New Zealanders and only a Party Vote for National can change the government and will get our country back on track. 

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