Just like last time, they’re going to try to make you feel guilty about someone else’s illness.

From Eric Peters at ericpetersautos.com:

You have probably been hearing about “masking” again –  via the same “media” that is once again advertising what those who paid for the ads want advertised. Isn’t it astounding how little attention is paid to such conflicts-of-interest? Including the interests of the advertisers – i.e., the drug cartels – who reaped billions by pushing drugs millions were all-but-forced to take.

In order that they might – at last – be allowed to take off the “mask” and go back to living, again.

The irony of the insouciance is even more striking when one reflects that the most insouciant – indeed, the most strident advocates for (and defenders of) the drug pushing and the “mask” wearing were the very people who used to rail stridently about such conflicts-of-interest. But that was before the Left became the Man – and bought control of corporate America and the “media.”