by Deb Burton

This was a new scam for me:

I had a call from someone saying he was Mark Andrews from Wellington Police (no such person) with an English/West Indy accent [always a red flag].

He said he had a cloned card with my name on it (no such thing) and for me to check my cards. Thankfully I didn’t have that particular card which set off alarm bells!

I said that I’d like to check his ID number as there are so many scammers around. ‘Fair enough’ he said… (It is the right thing to do even if a policeman comes to your door.) So I said ‘Can I have your number please’… And he put the phone down!

So I reported it to the police! They had not heard of this scam, but I heard from a shop assisstant later that it is mentioned on Neighbourly.

For further crime prevention information, visit Neighbourhood Support New Zealand’s website.