For Joe and his regime, things are going badly, so why not try that scamdemic again to distract people?

by Marie Hawthorne at

We like to say that conspiracy theorists are just ahead of the curve, and we’ve recently gotten evidence that arguably the biggest conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, has been right about the story of a lifetime.  Covid restrictions are returning.

A TSA whistleblower told Alex Jones that by mid-September TSA managers and airport employees will be wearing masks, by October flyers will be masking again, and sometime in December, we can expect a full return to the 2021 Covid protocols.  After hearing this, Jones reached out to a manager within Border Patrol to see if he had heard anything about a return of Covid protocols, and he confirmed this.

Official channels have been quick to deny the return of any restrictions, and because Alex Jones said it, the average citizen dismissed it, too. 

But let’s look around. 

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