by Paul Revere

Labour’s campaign slogan “In it for you” might sound nice, but their record of achievements / non-achievements tells a much different story.

Pretending to be kind and virtuous social justice warriors while having no practical management skills or sense of fiscal responsibility is something we cannot afford and won’t receive any real benefits from.

These poor managers have spent more money than productive working people can provide and then borrowed more and more to burden our descendents with massive debt that cannot ever be repaid.

Do we want to burden our future generations with this legacy of failure and debt — or accept that real change is needed to stop our descent into disunity, lawlessness, corruption, social dysfunction and poverty?

I don’t hate the people of the Red, Green and Brown political parties. I give them the benefit of the doubt and prefer to think they are trying to do what they think is right for themselves and the rest of us.

However, the facts clearly show that what they have been doing is not right and we are all sufferring the consequences of their failure and incompetence.

More of what has failed will not be successful and so we need to say “thanks for trying but goodbye” to the Red/Green + Brown politicians and vote for an ACT/National government in October.

Will that fix everything? 
No it will not, but it might free us from too much government regulation, financial extravagance and poor decision making so that we can all get on with doing what we need to do for ourselves, one another, our families and our beautiful country.

The other thing we need to do is stop allowing such a small minority of influential party members and funders to have so much authority and power over us. The major parties need more new members with real life experience, new ideas and commitment to serve the people to reform them.

Join up, front up, speak up and smarten the political parties up.