by Mark Freeman on the BFD

Chalk up a minor victory for ‘people power’ against the globalists. The United Nations conference “Advance the 2030 Agenda” being held in Wellington on Thursday next week will now be no longer an in-person event but online only.

The one-day event was due to be held at Parliament, where an anti-Agenda 2030 protest led by the Freedoms and Rights Coalition and Julian Batchelor of Stop Co-Governance is also to be held. The coalition is organising a convoy to converge on the capital next week for the protest.

In an obvious case of pre-protest jitters, the conference organisers, the United Nations Association of New Zealand, this week informed registrants via e-mail of the move to go fully online:

Due to the possible disruption at Parliament on this date, we have been advised by Parliamentary Service against holding it in person in the interest of public safety.

On its social media page, the Freedoms and Rights Coalition claims credit for the move online, saying the coalition “closed down the conference” — see above.

Keynote addresses at the conference will be delivered by Ashley Bloomfield, Alan Bollard and WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

A keynote speaker was to be Leftist idol “Sir Covid” Bloomfield.
Leftist utopia.