Add cancer to the long list of diseases that substance either causes or exacerbates.

This Substack has been exposing the DEATHVAX™-induced turbo cancer and all cause mortality surges for well over a year:

DEATHVAX™ Update: All Cause Mortality & The Pull Forward Effect

DEATHVAX™ Update: All Cause Mortality & The Pull Forward Effect

This Substack has been diligently tracking the grim post slow kill bioweapon rollout trends: Let us now review the latest data, and what the implications will be: How the scam works:

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The latest testimony comes courtesy of Dr. Makis, who explained that young people in their 20s, 30s, and 40s are developing aggressive turbo cancers:

The youngest case that I’ve reported was a twelve-year-old boy who had one Moderna ‘vaccine’. Four months later, he developed stage 4 brain cancer. And then six months later, he died.

Dr. Makis went on to add not just how unprecedented this parabolic rise in cancers is, but, also, just how rapidly the cellular mutations are occurring as a direct function of the slow kill bioweapon injections:

I’ve diagnosed probably 20,000 cancer patients in my career. I’ve never seen cancers behaving like this.

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