How it was before the Leftists/neo-Marxists took power — the English name in big bold letters and a Maori translation in smaller type (nonsensical in this case). Once Mahuta/Jackson et al took charge, that was reversed.

by Cam Slater on the BFD

The Woke Wombles at Stuff are all enraged that the incoming Government may axe all the Maori names and use of Maori in communications. Chance’d be a fine thing, given how woke Christopher Luxon is. But if there are changes they are likely being driven by David Seymour and Winston Peters.

Stuff has gone all in on te reo and woke virtue signalling, but the reality is that Maori is only ever used by local government, central government, the civil service and anyone trying to trough from both. The rest of the general public uses English.

Furthermore, when we are forced to do something we bristle at it. Having Maori shoved down your throat is annoying, especially if you come from somewhere else, like me.

I have a personal policy of replying to Maori virtue signalling in communications by using Fijian. It discombobulates the woke who assumed they should use Maori, and then they think they’ve insulted someone by assuming that we prefer to use Maori when we may be Pasifika, or in my case Fijian. Watching them fall over themselves grovelling for my forgiveness is hilarious.

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Our view is that politicising the language like Labour did has been counterproductive to the once noble goal of preserving a language for cultural reasons in danger of extinction like Scots gaelic. The soft apolitical approach was working, but many have reacted adversely to the force-feeding imposed by the Jacinda/Chipkins regime. —Eds