Since the opening of the electric train service extension from Paraparaumu to Waikanae in 2011 the bus service, timetable number 280, which used to head down to Paraparaumu, has been truncated to a circuit of sorts between Waikanae railway station and Waikanae beach.  That was to be expected.

But there is an obvious deficiency in it.

The route map shows what streets are covered.  Along the beach area the coverage is fine, and the section of Te Moana Road between the beach area and the main town area is the only obvious path.

But the shortfall occurs around the main Waikanae town area: not many streets are within a reasonable walking distance of a bus stop, and on the other side of the railway line, there is no coverage at all.

The timetable shows what capacity there is for expansion of the route on the other side of the railway line:  instead of the bus and driver which arrives at Waikanae station doing nothing between, for example, 8.54 am and 9.18 am, it could be doing a circuit around the streets on the other of the railway line whose population is quite significant.

280 timetabe