the Jacinda regime’s complicity in mass murder with That Substance

By Kiwi4Justice

It is the only description that is worthy of the bombshell evidence from a NZ government whistleblower in Liz Gunn’s M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations).

It is a tragedy of unthinkable magnitude. The evidence that has now come forward from this whistleblower, and others, shows us that the NZ government’s roll out of the covid ‘vaccine’ was not just a crime, it was a massacre. The evidence and implications are inescapable and difficult to comprehend. But what is even more disturbing is that this was no accident. It was, and continues to be, willful mass murder.

The scale of the death and injury for the people of NZ from the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ that has now been proven beyond any doubt is challenging to think about. It is devastating confirmation of what so many people in NZ and around the world have been shouting from the rooftops for so long, but who have been ignored and ridiculed by the mainstream media and the government. It is a sad and sorry vindication for those 18,000 Kiwis who set up camp in their tents and cars in front of Parliament in February 2022, who were ignored, demonized, and labelled a ‘river of filth’ by those who are culpable for this terrible crime.

When Liz Gunn forwarded me her interview with the whistleblower and his evidence in advance of the M.O.A.R drop to get an ‘emotional reality check’ on what was coming, I thought I was ready for it. But as a patriotic Kiwi who loves his country it was difficult to mentally and emotionally process what Liz and the whistleblower were showing me.

To put the scale of this massacre in some sort of perspective, the number of covid-19 ‘vaccine’ deaths in NZ now shown by this evidence is thirteen times the number of NZ deaths at Gallipoli. Gallipoli x 13

From the time the ‘vaccine’ was rolled out in NZ it has been the equivalent of the Christchurch massacre nearly every single day since. Expert statisticians here in NZ and abroad have studied the data and concluded that the probability of these deaths not being from the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ are 100 billion to one.

In just one particular ‘vaccination’ centre in Invercargill, 51 people were ‘vaccinated’ within the space of just two hours. All 51 are now dead. Out of the 837 people who were ‘vaccinated’ at another ‘vaccination’ centre, 253 of them are now dead. 30% of everyone who was ‘vaccinated’ at that centre are now dead. At another ‘vaccination’ centre, of the 923 people ‘vaccinated’ there, 276 are now dead.  There were numerous ‘vaccination’ centres around the country that had mortality rates at this sort of level of 30%. This is compared to the normal average mortality rate of just 0.75%, which is what we should be seeing.

The data also shows how many fatalities were linked to each individual ‘vaccinator’. One ‘vaccinator’ had a mortality rate of 25%. One in four people that got the ‘vaccine’ from that ‘vaccinator’ is now dead. Other ‘vaccinators’ were similar. Their ‘vaccine’ batches were literally death batches. These numbers are simply off the scale and impossible to interpret any other way than a ‘vaccine’ massacre.

Then there is the huge bias of number of deaths in the South Island versus the North Island. Of the top 20 most deadly ‘vaccination’ centres in the country, 10 out of those 20 were in Christchurch alone, and two of them (10% of the national total) were in tiny little Gore. Meanwhile only 2 out of 20 were in Auckland where one third of the total population is. This should be statistically impossible by population unless specific ‘vaccine’ batches were a whole lot more deadly than other batches. This is exactly what the data shows. The data shows a very clear picture of certain ‘vaccine’ batches being ‘death batches’, with other batches much less so. This should not happen unless something very strange and very abnormal is occurring with this ‘vaccine’. It requires extremely serious investigation.

The whistleblower has unique access to the data in question.  He designed and built the database for the NZ government, specifically for the covid-19 ‘vaccine’.  It is official government data and it includes extremely detailed covid-19 ‘vaccine’ data for 2.2 million Kiwis. The whistleblower watched in horror over a two-year period as the death data escalated in front of his eyes, until he felt he had to step forward to expose it. For that, NZ must wholeheartedly applaud and thank him for his courage and morality.  It is no small thing that he has done coming forward like this. 

Sadly, being a whistleblower is a very dangerous thing to do in today’s world of Deep State corruption and criminality. But what the whistleblower was looking at in front of him on a daily basis was not just faceless numbers and statistics.  He was looking at enormous lists of names in certain places and certain times. Names of people who are not here anymore.  Names of real people with real families. Human lives, not numbers. It was too much. He says there are just two words for why he had to come forward. Never Again.

As horrendous as this is, the most devastating point that the people of NZ need to understand is that this enormous number of deaths were not due to a very unfortunate and unforeseen outcome of a well-intentioned government health strategy.  No, these deaths were the result of willful complicity in mass murder. 

These are very difficult words for people to hear, but the evidence is unfortunately incontrovertible.  The NZ government had full foreknowledge of what the outcome would be of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’. They had all the information and data well in advance of their massive nationwide roll out of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’. They had clear evidence showing them exactly what would happen if they went ahead.  They knew that the Pfizer covid-19 ‘vaccine’ would cause huge numbers of injury and death. They were also advised by both the NZ Justice Department and NZ Medsafe that their proposed ‘vaccine’ mandates could not be legally justified. They went ahead anyway. They signed their contract with Pfizer, they trumpeted the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ to the whole country as ‘safe and effective’, and then they forced it onto the population through their illegitimate, brutal mandates that deliberately split NZ society in two through medical apartheid.

Through an OIA (Official Information Act) request from a doctor in NZ, there is confirmation in writing from NZ Medsafe that they had possession of the initial Pfizer safety data for the Pfizer covid-19 ‘vaccine’ months before the government began their nationwide roll out of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ in mid-2021.

That initial Pfizer data showed absolutely devastating outcomes in terms of numbers of serious injury and fatalities. That data was so bad that the FDA (Food and Drug Agency), who had given the official authorization for the Pfizer covid-19 ‘vaccine’, attempted to have it legally concealed from the public for 75 years.  Yet despite having this horrific safety data, the NZ government not only told the NZ public that the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ was absolutely safe and effective, but they went ahead with the mandates and ‘vaccine’ passports to effectively force the ‘vaccine’ onto as many of the NZ population as possible.

All of this was done with full knowledge of what the deadly impact would be.

As part of this process, the NZ government signed a contract with Pfizer for the provision and distribution of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ in NZ.  We know that in the same contract that Pfizer signed with the South African government (now been made public), Pfizer clearly stated that they could not confirm the long-term safety and effectiveness of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’, and therefore they required to be legally indemnified against all liability for any injury or death from the ‘vaccine’.

It is an almost certainty that exactly the same statement was in Pfizer’s contract with the NZ government, and yet the mantra of ‘safe and effective’ was pumped out day after day from the government’s ‘single source of truth’.  Quite incredibly, the government’s ‘safe and effective’ message is still being vigorously pushed out across the country even now. Even with all the deadly evidence to the contrary clear for people to see. It would seem they simply don’t care.    

In addition to this, during the roll out of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’, the NZ government, and associated agencies, actively prevented NZ doctors and health practitioners across the country from raising their very valid concerns about the safety of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ to their patients in order for them to be able to fulfil their Hippocratic Oath of informed consent and ‘do no harm’. Any doctors or health practitioners who attempted to raise concerns or ask questions about the safety of the covid-19 ‘vaccine’ were threatened with loss of medical license and/or loss of job. In some cases, those threats were implemented. A climate of fear was deliberately created for doctors and health practitioners across NZ to prevent any push back against the mass roll out of the ‘vaccine’. This led to the formation of the organization NZDSOS (NZ Doctors Speaking Out with Science).

This new evidence from the whistleblower also shows a disturbing pattern of basic medical ethics and medical processes being abandoned, with ‘vaccine’ clinics pushing through patients like a McDonald’s drive-through in a ‘dash for cash’.  Informed consent is one of the most important aspects of the Hippocratic Oath and ‘first do no harm’.

With this data showing patients being rushed through ‘vaccine’ clinics at rates of sometimes 30 people per hour, where were the conversations with each patient outlining risk factors and personal medical history that could make a person more at risk from the ‘vaccine’? When these people were rolling up their sleeves were they being informed that the official Pfizer safety data had lists of adverse reaction covering 9 pages, and that there were 1,223 deaths from the initial trials? This is information that the NZ government had months before the ‘vaccine’ roll out began.  This is not negligence, it is criminal.   

As well as the evidence of tens of thousands of deaths that this new whistleblower evidence is now showing us, there is also much additional evidence of the huge scale of injury and death caused in NZ. We have confirmation through Stats NZ of an enormous increase in excess deaths beginning from the time the ‘vaccine’ campaign began. We also have a huge and historically unprecedented number of serious ‘vaccine’ injuries registered on the NZ Medsafe database, and we have extremely alarming evidence brought forward from multiple Funeral Directors in NZ in relation to the numbers of deaths, the causes of death, and the horrific symptoms being seen in many of those deaths. 

It is not only the huge number of deaths that we now know about. The massive number of serious and life changing injuries is also difficult to comprehend. As a minimum it is in the hundreds of thousands of New Zealanders.

Now we can see why our hospitals, emergency services, and Funeral Directors across the country have been beyond bursting point the last two years.     

In February 2022, the NZ public stood up against this crime against humanity with the largest public protest in NZ history. With 18,000 people camped in their tents and cars in front of NZ Parliament, all 120 sitting MPs signed a joint agreement that no MP would engage with or speak with those protestors.  Instead, the protestors were labelled by the government as a ‘river of filth’ and demonized by mainstream media.

Both the NZ Bill of Rights and the 1947 Nuremberg Code make it a crime to force or coerce a medical procedure onto a person. Not only were the people of NZ forced or coerced into taking this experimental medical procedure, but the NZ government knew full well that this particular medical procedure had deadly and horrific outcomes on a very large scale.

The NZ government went to great lengths to make sure the people of NZ were not able to be made aware of that known danger, and they went to even greater lengths to force as many of the NZ public as possible to take it. While at the same time they made themselves exempt from having to take it.It doesn’t seem possible that this could have happened in the country that I grew up in.

This is NZ’s darkest hour. But we have to face up to it together with strength and unity, which has always been the bedrock of our country. NZ was brutally and intentionally split apart through medical apartheid and medical tyranny. NZ now must come together as Kiwis united around what we now know. We are all victims of this crime.

This mass killing by the NZ government, and others, was willful. It wasn’t an unfortunate accident. ‘Two shots for summer’ was the shot that will be heard around the world. The enormity of the crime against the people of NZ cannot be overstated.

It was a massacre.

The below question should be asked of Jacinda stooges Baker, Bloomfield, Hendy and ‘Pinky’ as well as the whole Jacinda cabinet.

NZ’s Leftist Legacy Media knives are out for Luxon’s government

by Graham Adams

No one is going to die wondering how some of the nation’s most influential journalists personally view the new National-led government. It has become abundantly clear within a few days of the coalition agreements being signed that they both loathe and fear it.

It is often said that the National Party attracts people who imagine they are born to rule. But since the details of the agreements between National, Act and New Zealand First were announced on Friday, it seems it is the Left-leaning media who see themselves as the nation’s true aristocrats, endowed with a perpetual mandate to decide which ideas are suitable for public discussion. And which should be allowed to be put to voters in a referendum.

They will, of course — from a deep sense of noblesse oblige — accept a regular change in government from left to right and back again, but only as long as every party follows the broad parameters of the script they have supplied.

How else could anyone explain their outpouring of anger, disbelief and outrage that a new government has gone beyond the remit journalists have granted?

Among the shibboleths the legacy media holds dear is that the Treaty is a “partnership”; everyone must take buses and ride bicycles more often lest we all die in a mass global boiling event; and that men can become women by merely twitching their noses (or stitching their genitals).

It is also an article of faith that New Zealand is hopelessly racist (particularly the health system) and that the rich (including ordinary landlords) are mostly parasites.

That a majority of voters openly defied journalists’ authority in October by voting for parties with different views on many of these matters is seen by some as nothing less than unforgivable insubordination.

Winston Peters’ jibe at the media on Friday — “You’ve lost! You lost! Right?” — certainly showed he saw the role played by much of the media during the election campaign in exactly that way.

Former Labour Cabinet minister Michael Bassett made a similar point on Sunday about TVNZ, Newshub and RNZ: “All of them played Labour’s games for so long that their political journalists came to believe Labour’s policies were theirs to protect.”

Among the most deeply outraged by the coalition agreements was broadcaster John Campbell. In a long column on TVNZ’s website, he described the coalition as “a sulk made formal”, “deeply regressive”, “dog whistling”, “mean”, “re-colonising”, and “empty of ideas”.

And this last insult came despite the fact the coalition documents are full of ideas — including removing race-based policy everywhere; more funds for Pharmac; shifting the Fees-Free provision for tertiary students from the first year of study to the final, saving $100 million; a comprehensive Covid inquiry; narrowing the Reserve Bank’s remit to a focus on price stability, and so on. They just happen to include ideas that Campbell seems to really dislike.

He appeared completely horrified, for instance, that climate change was not given the prominence he believes it deserves. He could scarcely credit that “National’s coalition agreement with Act contains no reference to climate change at all” and that its agreement with New Zealand First “contains the insistence that climate change policies ‘do not undermine national energy security’.”

It has obviously never crossed his mind that concern about anthropogenic climate change is vitally important to the mainstream media but far less so to much of the population. The claim that human activity is pumping too much carbon dioxide into the atmosphere and dangerously warming the planet is a belief that is very lightly held by many New Zealanders, including politicians — and quickly abandoned if a trip to Paris or New York on a gas-guzzling jet is imminent.

Campbell’s animus has led him into arrant stupidity. Referring to NZ First’s insistence that the names of government departments should be in English, he wrote: “The idea that a single human life will be improved by demanding that Waka Kotahi be called the New Zealand Transport Agency is the strangest fancy. This is frontier country stuff. The late-night ravings of a man alone in a bar. Except Winston’s not alone. Christopher has agreed to it.”

Actually, anyone who is opposed to the use of Māori (rather than English) names for government departments will find their lives definitely improved in the sense that at least one element of a misguided language revitalisation policy has been corrected. As a journalist, Campbell should know just how deeply many people feel about compelled speech of any kind (including the mandatory use of pronouns on emails and other communications). That he implies such concerns are trivial is a clear sign of his disdain for many voters’ judgment.

On Newshub Nation on Saturday, journalist Mihingarangi Forbes, who hosts RNZ’s Māori affairs programme Mata, showed a similar disdain not only for voters’ interests but also for her interviewer. When Simon Shepherd asked for her opinion on the cancellation of the foreign house-buyer’s tax, Forbes gazed into the middle distance with a look of resolute sadness and said:

“No. I’m just going to talk about what I was coming on [this programme] for… So every single kaupapa Māori initiative looks like it’s gone [under the new government].”

She then recounted how changes to Oranga Tamariki policy were retrograde. In short, she was so determined to move the conversation towards topics she wanted to cover she ignored the question put to her and answered one she hadn’t been asked.

She also asserted Te Tiriti was “under attack”.

When Shepherd suggested it was “under discussion”, she corrected him by curtly repeating, “Attack!”

Forbes also bizarrely recommended anyone, including Seymour, who wanted a “debate about the principles of Te Tiriti o Waitangi” should go to the Waitangi Tribunal and “sit in that court”.

She seems entirely unaware that many of those wanting to rein in the application of Treaty principles would regard that as similar to an expert in traffic safety taking advice from panel-beaters on how to design an intersection (to adapt a quip by David Lange). For many critics, the Waitangi Tribunal is a huge part of the problem of Treaty overreach.

In fact, NZ First’s coalition agreement with National includes the proviso — supported by Act — that the new government will amend the Waitangi Tribunal Act 1975 to “refocus” its inquiries to the “original intent of that legislation”.

1News made its position on Māori issues crystal clear on Friday evening too. Not least, Māori affairs reporter Te Aniwa Hurihanganui obviously disapproved of Paul Goldsmith being awarded the role of Treaty Negotiations Minister, given he commented in 2021 that colonisation “on balance” was a good thing for Māori.

The legacy media’s biggest fear seems to be that Seymour’s proposed Treaty Principles Bill will go to a referendum to be ratified (or rejected) by the public.

On Saturday, RNZ’s Kim Hill quizzed Māori journalist Annabelle Lee-Mather on the bill and the idea of a referendum. Hill began the interview by admitting she wasn’t “sure what this means” and neither seemed to even know what a referendum would likely ask, with Mather claiming its details hadn’t been “specifically spelled out”.

The pair were stupendously ill informed about information that has been in the public domain for more than a year. In March last year, Seymour announced that Act was intending for the next government to “pass legislation defining the Principles of the Treaty, in particularly their effect on democratic institutions. Then ask the people to vote on it becoming law.”

In October 2022, Act announced the referendum would ask whether voters approved of the Treaty Principles Act becoming law. Its three suggested clauses would state:

1/ The New Zealand government has the right to govern New Zealand.

2/ The New Zealand government will protect all New Zealanders’ authority over their land and other property

3/ All New Zealanders are equal under the law, with the same rights and duties.

Unfortunately, Lee-Mather had no better grasp on the mounting concern over how the Treaty is interpreted and applied in law and policy. She passed off the call for a referendum as a product of current pessimism about economic uncertainty.

It’s “just a populist issue”, she opined, “where the current resentment New Zealanders are feeling about the state of our economy… inflation… all of those things are being weaponised against Māori, with this idea that somehow Māori are getting better deals than the rest of New Zealanders or rights that other people don’t have. So, I think it’s more about capturing the negativity people are feeling with their lot at the moment.”

Mainstream journalists are going to have to come up to speed pretty fast or be left in the dust as the debate over the role of the Treaty heats up. As it surely will — not least because in the weekend the Taxpayers’ Union hinted at a “well-organised grassroots campaign” to ensure a referendum is held.

The independent media — including The Platform, NZCPR, Point of Order, BFD, Karl du Fresne, and Bassett, Brash and Hide — have been closely analysing He Puapua and the Treaty debate for years. If Hill and Mather had bothered to search out their columns and interviews, they wouldn’t have been so obviously Left stumbling around in the dark and looking quite so foolish on a national radio program.

In particular, they might have understood better exactly why New Zealand has arrived at the point where a referendum on the Treaty principles is a distinct possibility.

Graham Adams is a freelance editor, journalist and columnist. He lives on Auckland’s North Shore. This article was first published at The Platform and reposted on Bassett, Brash & Hide

Any pretence at impartial objectivity by the Stuff/TV1/TV3/Herald/RNZ cartel had been abandoned in 2020; but despite this, Labour’s popularity began an inexorable decline at the beginning of 2021, apart from a slight blip at the beginning of 2023 when Comrade Jacinda quit. This shows that the Legacy Media isn’t nearly as powerful as they once were and it’s no surprise that they now have a unhappy sense of impotency. As US President Abraham Lincoln once said: ‘You can fool all people some of the time and some people all the time. But you can never fool all people all the time.‘ The government and its Legacy Media propagandists can pretend all is well with fundament matters such as the cost of living, crime and the loss of democracy, but the people know otherwise. The MSM can attack those who protest outside parliament, march on the streets and organise convoys all they like, but the participants’ messages spread like wildfire. —Eds