Weggery Reserve Conservation Group

Weggery Reserve

This is a new group created on the Neighbourly website.

AIM: In conjunction with the KCDC, the Weggery Reserve Conservation Group seeks to develop, restore and beautify this small area along the Waikanae River.

1. To protect native flora and fauna.
2. To deter invasive non-native plants.
3. To develop vegetation that will attract native birds.
4. To reduce threats and predators to native birds.
5. To beautify the area for public recreation and enjoyment.
6. To protect the flood bank from erosion.

the hedge gets chopped, although only partially

hedge chopped

The previous post (17th March) by Mr Osborne strongly indicated this would be the outcome.

The compromise was that the hedge could be cut back to just 2 metres up from the ground rather than the full 7 metres. It’s still going to look ugly, but Mayor Guru says the council will try to mitigate that somehow. (Looking at this today, we think a spray paint job with a suitable shade of green would be enough to produce a mitigating effect.)

Joel Maxwell story on the stuff website

autumn is here — it was a wet summer this year, but next year could be the opposite



In Europe the seasons officially change at the equinoxes and the solstices; here, some say autumn begins on the first of March, others (above) the 20th; we say we should follow Europe — the 22nd.

Regardless, this year saw an unusually wet summer, few if any plants will have been lost due to dehydration, the grass stayed green and some trees (and weeds) grew surprisingly.

But with global climate change there is every chance next year could be extra dry.  What does the KCDC have to cope with that?  Only the dodgy bore water scheme and of course its water meters.

How about a reservoir?  No, for the council that belongs in the too hard basket, and the money needed would be better wasted on Paraparaumu town centre.


NZ retains its position as the world’s 8th happiest country according to the 2017 ‘World Happiness Report’

The top 20 are below.  You wonder how appropriate some of the measures are, though: they seem to be based on economic factors as much as anything else.

We remember sitting in the station waiting room in Finse in Norway (surrounded by snow despite being mid-summer) a few years ago with a couple of French backpacker/campers, who gave us their opinion that Norwegians are as cold as the climate. The Swiss don’t have a reputation for being much better.

The report (pdf)

1. Norway (7.537) 2. Denmark (7.522) 3. Iceland (7.504) 4. Switzerland (7.494) 5. Finland (7.469) 6. Netherlands (7.377) 7. Canada (7.316) 8. New Zealand (7.314) 9. Australia (7.284) 10. Sweden (7.284) 11. Israel (7.213) 12. Costa Rica (7.079) 13. Austria (7.006) 14. United States (6.993) 15. Ireland (6.977) 16. Germany (6.951) 17. Belgium (6.891) 18. Luxembourg (6.863) 19. United Kingdom (6.714) 20. Chile (6.652)

from the Carjammers show on Saturday

Ford Prefect hotrod

a 1952 Ford Prefect — ‘who’d’a thunk you’d hot rod one of them?’

carjammers fashion showgirls

This was well attended by those who turned up to see about 150 cars from the 1940s — 1970s (and a few outside that range); some standard restored and a lot modified, nearly all American makes with a few Australian and British. “No Jappas” meant no Japanese (a reference to cars, not people 🙂 ).

Upon the multi-car ‘All Fired Up’ at Noon, you could have been excused for thinking that you had arrived on the set of a Mad Max movie, but there were also more gentille things to look at, including the fashion parade for young girls and older girls (above).  Cr Buswell a.k.a. Ange of Superminx was one of the two judges, but the crowd also got to choose their favourite.

the council apologizes to Salima Padamsey

According to the KIN website, Wayne Maxwell, Group Manager, Corporate Services says, Our investigations confirm that there was an inaccuracy as a result of human error, and we apologize.

This related to an incorrect statement in the council minutes about the adoption of new standing orders: they were not adopted unanimously (see earlier post).

  • corrected minutes for the Council Meeting in question will be resubmitted
  • KCDC’s OIA response to Ms Padamsey will be corrected and sent to her.

We say well done, Salima!  These days you are doing well to have a business or government organisation even admit it has made a mistake, let alone apologize for it.  The standard attitude is, “We are infallible and do not make mistakes.  If there is a mistake it’s your fault.”