The Jacinda government should leave it to the experts with construction changes

(ACT media release)

“Labour is trying to solve problems that businesses are already solving by themselves, except Labour’s way means more red tape and lectures from government officials,” says ACT’s Infrastructure spokesperson Simon Court.

“The Government has today announced “mandatory energy performance rating requirements for buildings, and waste minimisation plans for construction and demolition projects”. This is a pointless announcement. We have a cost of living crisis and a housing crisis, people are already trying to build as efficiently as possible, they don’t need this lecture or more compliance activity.

“Reducing energy use is a no brainer for developers, it means lower costs for owners and occupiers. With the cost of energy rising there is already an incentive to build infrastructure as efficiently as possible.

“Equally, when it comes to building waste there is no builder who would throw good materials away, that’s just throwing money in the bin. Builders and civil contractors already divert concrete and steel from demolition projects to recover and reuse, because it has value and avoids tipping fees.

“Off cuts from PVC water pipes are too valuable to throw away, so contractors save them up and they get recycled into new plumbing pipes.

“The industry doesn’t need a lecture from well-meaning but clueless Minister on how to plan a job to reduce wastage, and what to do with the material coming off sites.

“They need less red tape and regulation and more ways to fund infrastructure, which can be found in ACT’s latest policy paper promoting solutions for building New Zealand and conserving nature.”

Dear Leader (the other one) demonstrates the size of his missile

“When General Secretary Kim Jong Un appeared at the photo session venue together with his beloved daughter, all the participants broke into stormy cheers of’ ‘Hurrah!’, expressing the highest glory and ardent reverence for him, the outstanding leader of our Party, state and people who personally blazed a perfect shortcut to the national defence development of our style with his wisest determination and prominent leadership ability and energetically guided it to reliably defend the brilliant dignity of our Republic with the gigantic event, the completion of the world’s strongest strategic weapon.”

Pandemic Policy became a political Vanity Project with caution thrown to the winds

by Guy Hatchard

Matt Hancock, former UK Secretary of State for Health and now reality TV performer, has published his tell all diary of the pandemic which is being serialised by the Daily Mail. Throughout the diary, petty politicking and Cabinet rivalry is on show, along with a casual disregard for caution and for those injured by vaccination. I can’t cover this in its entire detail, it is book length, but you can find daily short extracts for free at the Daily Mail.

On Friday,19 June 2020, Hancock, who is an economist by training, wrote in his diary:

A massive blow-up with Kate Bingham [Head of the Vaccine Taskforce. A venture capitalist with a background in the pharmaceutical industry]. She simply doesn’t see the need to order 100 million doses of the Oxford vaccine – she wants 30 million – and can’t seem to grasp almost everyone may want or need it”

According to the diary:

“Kate pressed her argument claiming that the technology that underpins the vaccine Oxford is working on ‘is neither proven nor scaled’, and that she has ‘an expert team who are working round the clock, pushing hard’.”

Hancock wanted to accelerate delivery of the vaccine and commented:

“This only seemed to wind Kate up further, prompting a mini-lecture about the dangers of trying to go too far too fast. ‘The worst case is that we kill people with an unsafe vaccine,’ she said. ‘We need to tone government communications to register the fact this is risky and unproven.’”

Hancock won the argument with the support of Cabinet and finished with:

“If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s being patronised.”

Curious language indeed, the leader of the vaccine project was striking a sensible note of moderation, safety, and ethics. Biotechnology was known to be risky. The unqualified Hancock was annoyed because he was being warned by someone beneath his presumed rank. Kate Bingham’s warning didn’t slow him down.

Hancock reveals that in early 2021 he feared the vaccine rollout would have to be cancelled because 3 out of the first 400 recipients had in the words of the UK Chief Medical Officer Chris Whitty “a massive reaction”.

Hancock’s diary entry reads: ‘We may well have to halt the entire vaccination rollout… Still feeling nauseous, I slumped into bed, knowing I wouldn’t get a wink of sleep.’

But first thing the following morning a member of Hancock’s private office rang and relayed: “All three had a clinical history of anaphylaxis”.

“I can’t remember ever being so relieved in my life,” Hancock’s entry reads.

These massive reactions and the advice that the technology was unproven and risky did not stop the government telling everyone, including the young, to take the jab.

The serialised diary reveals that Hancock is extremely proud of his work to push the vaccine rollout ahead of safety concerns. By 26 August 2021, Boris Johnson was beginning to realise that statistics showed Covid wasn’t actually as serious as they first thought and their policies had been a “catastrophic overreaction”. Hancock was not about to change course, his commitment to universal vaccination added to his rivalry with Boris, led him to discount and ultimately ignore the growing concerns.

One can only wonder how much our government was influenced by the determination of the UK government to ignore early advice warning that the biotech jabs were unproven, possibly unsafe and even lethal, and then plough on regardless despite severe adverse reactions among the first batch and the realisation that Covid infection was not usually serious.

Our government has never publicly acknowledged the fact that biotech vaccines pose unquantified and unique risks to health, some of which may manifest in the longer term. Jacinda Ardern, like Matt Hancock, chose to present a picture of safety and efficacy to the New Zealand public that was not supported by known science. The government further denied that the vaccine was experimental in character, something that was obvious to qualified persons.

Unlike our newspapers and media, the UK Daily Mail sometimes seems to have the courage to say it how it is. It reports at length the whistleblower book by Dr. Andrew Huff, the former VP of EcoHealth Alliance, who confirms what the Hatchard Report and others have been saying for a year—Covid was genetically engineered and leaked from the facility in China. Fauci knew more than he was prepared to publicly admit.

“EcoHealth Alliance and foreign laboratories did not have the adequate control measures in place for ensuring proper biosafety, biosecurity, and risk management, ultimately resulting in the lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology,” Huff said.

The army veteran, from Michigan, said EcoHealth Alliance, which was funded by US NIH, taught the Wuhan lab the “best existing methods to engineer bat coronaviruses to attack other species” for many years.

“I was terrified by what I saw. We were just handing them bioweapon technology.

In his book, the infectious diseases expert claims “greedy scientists killed millions of people globally,” and goes as far as to claim the US government covered it all up. To this day, the US government is still publicly claiming the source of the virus is probably zoonotic. Another example of how the promotion and protection of political reputations is taking precedence over truth.

Reading these two first-person accounts from protagonists at the forefront of pandemic scientific work or decision-making, one in the USA and one in the UK, we can’t help but be appalled. It is clear that politicians were determined to override and cancel any scientists who spoke for caution, whilst biotechnologists involved were in turn going to make sure that no one found out just how deadly their work was. In the end, both sides cooperated and, with the help of the pharmaceutical lobby, dragged the medical establishment and the media into their deception. You can apportion blame as you wish, there is plenty to go round.

inconvenient for Climatists: Northern Hemisphere snow cover is at a 56-year high

by Tyler Durden at

The COP27 climate change conference wrapped up last month. World leaders flew in private jets to Egypt to discuss how fossil fuels were quickly heating the planet to the point of no return, as humanity was doomed if crucial climate change policies weren’t implemented. But while the climate alarmist leaders met in the desert, November’s snowfall across the Northern Hemisphere was running at rates exceeding a half-a-century average. 

NOAA and Rutgers University released new data that showed snow cover across the Northern Hemisphere reached the highest level since measurements began in 1967 and are currently above the 56-year mean. 

Here’s the Rutgers Global Snow Lab snow coverage map across the Northern Hemisphere. 

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