It Begins: Florida Resident’s Firearms, Ammunition Confiscated Under Gun Control Law

Originally posted on Nwo Report: by AWR Hawkins The guns and ammunition of a 56-year-old Lighthouse Point, Florida, resident were confiscated by police in what is reportedly the first such seizure under gun control laws signed by Gov. Rick Scott (R) last week. The Orlando Sentinel reports that “four firearms and 267 rounds of ammunition”…

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at the Gear Jammers today

It was an assembly of Hot Rods, Classics, Kustoms and Muscle Cars — porn for petrolheads (or gearheads if you’re American) and definitely not a place for Low-Carbon types!

Nearly all cars were American with a scattering of Australian and a Brit lurking here and there — but no Germans or Japs.

A stage with bands (playing songs such as ‘Life is a Highway’), fashion shows and vendors filled out the spare space.

Here’s a few of the many pics we took — a second batch tomorrow.

1971 Mercury Cougar
Summing up the theme of the day?  A 1971 Mercury Cougar
1963 Plymouth Belvedere

1963 Plymouth Belvedere

1957 Lincoln Continental

1957 Lincoln

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1959 Plymouth Savoy

1958 edsel Citation

a 1958 Edsel Citation — with the famous horse collar grille (it has been likened to other things)

1973 Ford escort

A diminutive Brit — a 1973 Ford Escort.  The standard car was quite underpowered, but this looks to have been given some extra grunt.

1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville

1963 Cadillac Coup de Ville rear

at the other end of the scale, a car that’s even bigger than it looks — a 1963 Cadillac Coupe de Ville


In New Zealand, it’s the authorities contaminating the waterways with 1080 poison & the people fighting to keep their water pure are getting arrested doing it

Despite a resolution passed by the Westland District Council in 2009, to keep the deadly pesticide-insecticide – 1080 poison – out of water catchments – ridgeline to ridgeline – the Animal Health Board breached the council’s decision, and in August 2012, poisoned the Hokitika watercatchment, again … (the GrafBoys’ channel) TheGrafBoys Published on Aug 24, […]

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removing road traffic lanes is not a good idea — a lesson from Los Angeles

Highly relevant in view of the NZTA/Council announced intention to remove a lane from Waikanae’s Main Road.

LA traffic Lane reductions

When Los Angeles officials removed traffic lanes on four streets in Playa del Rey earlier this summer [2017], a wave of outrage swept through the Westside and the South Bay.

Drivers frustrated by long delays on their usual routes flooded City Hall with calls. A condo association sued. And some irate commuters launched a fundraiser to recall Westside Councilman Mike Bonin.

Now, the newly narrow streets are facing their second legal challenge.

A group of Playa del Rey and Manhattan Beach residents sued the city of Los Angeles on Thursday, alleging that transportation officials broke state law by removing traffic lanes on Vista del Mar, Pershing Drive and Culver and Jefferson boulevards without conducting a thorough environmental review.

Reducing the number of driving lanes without conducting public outreach and examining potential adverse effects on congestion and public safety is a “gross abuse of discretion,” according to the complaint filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

The lawsuit seeks to restore all travel lanes that were removed over the summer and to require an environmental review for each project.

Elected officials “need to discuss these plans with their constituents, and certainly follow the law, which I don’t think is too much to ask,” said Ed McPherson, an attorney representing Keep L.A. Moving, the advocacy organization that filed the lawsuit.

He added: “They should also make sure that this is what their constituents want, instead of just patting people on the head and saying, ‘We know what’s best for you.'”

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meeting on how to combat crystal meth in Kapiti on Monday 26 March

Invitation from Mayor Gurunathan to attend Public Forum to discuss Meth

And on the subject, here is a little satire from

methDoctors have today admitted that they have been wrong about crystal meth this whole time and that the powerful narcotic is actually amazingly beneficial for health and well being.

“It increases concentration and drive, providing a much needed energy boost for the carrying out of petty crimes and handbag robberies,” confirmed Department of Health spokesperson Dr. William Gould. “A strict diet of crystal meth is shown to improve brain function making it easier to count coins collected on the street by begging with a coffee cup.”

Dr. Gould claimed that crystal meth contains “zero saturated fats and is perfect for people who are on a low carb diet” while also providing “100% of your daily methamphetamine needs”.

“A strict crystal meth diet also helps people shed unwanted pounds, hair and teeth and promotes the growth of healthy scabs and unclean fingernails,” continued the report which assessed the health of 1000 meth addicts and concluded that they had the rugged lean health of a 19th century street urchin with taut, tense muscles from constant alertness coupled with an immunity to most infections from living in their own filth for long periods at a time.

“It’s absolutely fantastic as an appetite suppressant, often meth users will simply forget about having to eat which will eliminate a flabby stomach and give the face a beautiful sunken emaciated look,” continued Dr. Gould who recommended that crystal meth should be enjoyed as part of a healthy diet that involves plenty of alcohol, cigarettes and unprotected sex.

“If people follow the crystal meth diet then they can expect to see results ranging from a reduction in unwanted bone density, a decrease in harmful bowel movements and removal of unwanted restorative sleep, within mere days of trying the super drug.”

Crystal is available from all good health food outlets, dodgy blokes on motorcycles and Silk Road.

Kaitawa Reserve bridges closed for upgrades

This Reserve is in Paraparaumu, not Waikanae, but those who have been motivated to check out other reserves in Kapiti from this past week’s publicity will likely have noticed this one on the map.

Media release from the KCDC.

kaitawa-bridge-1-13.9.17-3 (1)Kaitawa Reserve bridges are getting upgrades this month and through April and will be closed to reserve users while Kapiti Coast District Council gets underway with refurbishments to improve safety and usability. Alternative access to the park will be via the local road.

The wooden bridge upgrade will use a 99% recycled product called Enduroplank, which has already been used successfully on another bridge in the park late last year.

Parks and Recreation Manager Alison Law says the cost is similar to wood products, however, the major benefit is the longer life span of 40 years and built-in tread.

“The first bridge has proven the increased slip resistance of this product in this shaded, damp environment,” she says.

Physical works will consist of fencing the site off, putting up scaffolding, removal of the treads, addition of an additional wooden beam, laying of tread and construction of a wooden handrail that meets higher safety standards.

Residents and reserve users will need to access the park from the road during the works which should take four to six weeks.

A smaller metal bridge located in the southern part of the reserve will also be closed for a couple of weeks during the same period while under panels are removed and refurbished.

the Council opts for parallel parking, rather than angle parking on the Main Road


That was decided at today’s council meeting, which selected “approach 1” on page 6 of this pdf, instead of “approach 2” which featured angle parking.

Local businesses, unsurprisingly, wanted angle parking, so making more parking places, probably in the belief that a lot of people are lazy sods and if they can’t park very close to the shop concerned, they’ll go to another similar shop where they can.

General residents, however, were concerned about the safety risk of angle parkers reversing out into the path of cyclists they can’t see.

Cyclists, naturally, were opposed to angle parking.


The above argument seems to have won the day.  The local businesses should be reasonably happy, nevertheless, as they are still getting 32 parks in front of them on the Main Road, an increase of 10.  The angle parking option would have provided 41.

The councilors were presented with “approach 1” and “approach 2” as the only alternatives; but a third option should have been to leave the road layout as it is.

What bothers us is that “approach 1” involves the removal of one of the road traffic lanes between the Elizabeth Street and Ngaio Road intersections, in the northbound direction.

Inexplicably, the southbound direction will still have two, however.

Why on earth are two needed in the southbound direction, but only one in the northbound direction?  Surely, the number of motorists turning north from Elizabeth Street into the Main Road are the same as the number who turn from Main Road into Elizabeth Street from the north?

Our view, as has been repeatedly stated on here, is that the existing two lanes in each direction are needed.

Well, the bureaucrats want to make the median wider in this area for no particular reason and, most importantly to them, insert their cycle lanes — today these are the “Politically Correct” stance, so you’re going to get them, whether they are needed or not (and several submitters said they are not).