the council spent $66,000 with consultants on whether to donate $50,000 (x 3) to Air Chathams

There is a letter from David Webber, former Chairman of the Kapiti Economic Leadership Group, in the latest issue of the Kapiti News about it.

A response to an Official Information request reveals that the KCDC got Colmar Brunton to do a brief “consumer survey” and TDB to do an “economic analysis” at a combined cost of over $66,000

It reveals that TDB found that “an airline service from Kapiti would provide no measurable net benefit to the local business community” which is the exact opposite of what the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce have since claimed was the major reason for the donation.

Should it surprise anyone that the council squandered over $66,000 like this, and in the announcements by its endless ‘spin’ machine omitted to mention it?


Will the council continue to behave like this?

Yes — unless the present councilors are replaced next year by new responsible people determined to change that.

the white sand expanses are where vehicles are not wanted

Waiky mouth by David Wall

An aerial view of the Waikanae Estuary and Scientific Reserve.

At the launch of Mik Peryer’s new book last Saturday, the Mayor said the council was involved in an ‘arm wrestle’ with whitebaiters over them driving their vehicles on the beach.  That shouldn’t be the case — all they need to do is park in the parking area at the south end of Tutere Street and they have about 150 metres to walk with their gear (the largest piece consists of an aluminium frame covered with a nylon net, hardly heavy).

It seems that it has been made clear to them that they are not allowed to drive in the Scientific Reserve which has been marked by signs, although it has been reported that they get removed.

If you see a vehicle where it shouldn’t be, take a photo showing its number and send it to both councils, the GWRC and the KCDC. (David Wall photo)

official tree protection measures in Fremantle (Australia)

The issue is a concern in respect of the new subdivisons in Waikanae, too.

Freemantle tree register

It’s taken a long time to get from seedling to sapling, but Fremantle council’s plans for a significant tree register are starting to blossom.

At this week’s strategic planning and transport committee meeting, councillors voted unanimously to put the new policy out for public comment.

If adopted, the register will make it a prosecutable offence to cut down a  listed tree, and the council will also have the power to refuse development applications where the proponent is proposing to be a bit axe-happy.

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the MacLean Park Community Kiosk has gone

McLean Park kioskKarl Webber says:

“So council gave this away to a local company that no longer has equipment and who contracted to an Upper Hutt company to take this over there, we wont see this in our community again. Even after a quick survey of over 1700 people and 75% said they wanted it to be kept.
Over $70k was recently spent on this. I hope people remember this next year when we have elections.”

Exactly.   (Anne Wilkes photo)