dodgy tree hackers are about

A message from the Wellington Police FB page is below.

These people are known to have shown up in Waikanae, too.

To repeat what we have said before: aboriculture is a specialised field and you want to use people who both know what they are doing and who take due care.  Most trees will still grow following a butchering, but they are sure to lose at least some — and probably most — of their natural beauty!

Before you engage any tradesperson, check them out first.

scam aletWe’ve received reports of people offering door-to-door tree trimming services in the northern suburbs. Those offering their services provide a quote, take payment after doing a poor job, and then often return for further funds.

Elderly residents appear to have been targeted and have felt intimidated.

We encourage people to remain vigilant and advise anyone who thinks they are the target of this scam to contact Police on 04-3812000.

a world of miniatures

For those who didn’t make it to the Arts and Crafts Centre in Elizabeth St this weekend, here are photos of some of the models.

We were asked to mention the national show happening over Labour Weekend in Palmerston North which naturally will be much bigger, the leaflet is below.

Waiky mini dunnies

a display of those most important buildings, the outhouse, or in NZ, the dunny!

Waiky minis5

Pataka pā

waiky mini towers

a group of towers — do we spot a Pringles tube among them? 🙂

Waiky minis

‘Receivers Lane’, which is in the ‘dodgy’ part of town and the name of the shop second from left, Stollen Goodes, says it all. 🙂

Waiky minis2

Waiky mini shops

waiky minis6

old fashioned street frontages

waiky miniature1

the mobile fast food vendor

waiky minis7

waiky minis3

mini Waikanae

the council spent $66,000 with consultants on whether to donate $50,000 (x 3) to Air Chathams

There is a letter from David Webber, former Chairman of the Kapiti Economic Leadership Group, in the latest issue of the Kapiti News about it.

A response to an Official Information request reveals that the KCDC got Colmar Brunton to do a brief “consumer survey” and TDB to do an “economic analysis” at a combined cost of over $66,000

It reveals that TDB found that “an airline service from Kapiti would provide no measurable net benefit to the local business community” which is the exact opposite of what the Mayor and the Chamber of Commerce have since claimed was the major reason for the donation.

Should it surprise anyone that the council squandered over $66,000 like this, and in the announcements by its endless ‘spin’ machine omitted to mention it?


Will the council continue to behave like this?

Yes — unless the present councilors are replaced next year by new responsible people determined to change that.