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Documents obtained by us under the Official Information Act from the KCDC reveal that Brian Peter Ranford showed contempt for local by-laws by erecting large remote billboards for his business on the roadside without obtaining the required Resource Consent.

Given his occupation as a lawyer it raises eyebrows to say the least, and makes one wonder about the quality of advice he gives others.

The documents reveal that two years ago the Waikanae Golf Club applied for Resource Consent to have the billboard erected near its entrance relocated just inside the boundary fence with council land, along with a smaller billboard for Harcourts real estate.  However, while the Harcourts billboard features a picture of a golf ball on a putting green and their logo underneath it, the significantly larger Ranford billboard only advertises his law business.

The council granted the consent on the basis that this part of Te Moana Road is “rural”.

While the KCDC does allow billboards for candiates during elections in this area, it is only for the duration of campaigns, and not as permanent fixtures.


Another salient feature of Randford’s billboards is that he asserts that the well-respected Susie Mills is part of his business; in fact she is not: she has her own separate practice.  The Companies Office records reveal that the only other owner of Ranford’s business is Jane Maree Stevenson.  However, that is a matter for Susie Mills to pursue.

Our concern, as mentioned before, is that Ranford’s billboard in this area particularly sets a precedent for more visual pollution with the forthcoming Expressway off-on ramps nearby.

The consent expires after 5 years and we hope it will not be renewed.