kcdc herbicides

“We’re starting our District-wide seasonal spraying this week, which means our contractors will be out and about spraying our walkways and cycleways to keep them weed free and safe for everyone to use. All going well, we should have it all wrapped up by the end of next week.

“For spraying we currently use a low concentration Glyphosate mixture, as well as other methods to control weeds (such as hand-release, grass seed over-sowing and high-density planting to smother weed growth) wherever it’s practical.

“Consideration of public safety, effectiveness of the product and cost to the ratepayer are all evaluated when carrying out this type of work. While we’re aware of some concerns about Glyphosate, all herbicides and pesticides we use are applied in accordance with the HSNO Act and Regulations, and application rates are as specified by the manufacturer. Our contractors use the spray in low concentration, they spot-spray visible weeds, and the spray dries quickly. Low-drift nozzles are used so there’s no spray drift.

“A few other local authorities have trialled alternative methods (for example, steam). Over the long term we’ll continue to consider how we can reduce the use of Glyphosate (e.g. plant-based herbicides and physical intervention), with the longer-term intention of phasing-out the product.

“We also operate a ‘no spray’ list which you can apply to be added to, which will mean the road reserve outside your property isn’t sprayed.”