We are all being “slowly poisoned to death” by glyphosate, warns Erin Brockovich, who has vowed to topple agriculture giant Monsanto in order to improve the health of the world. 

Strikingly tall, with blonde hair coiffed, Brockovich doesn’t mince her words. A single mother and beauty pageant winner with no legal training, Brockovich once destroyed a billion-dollar corporation in one of the largest environmental pollution lawsuits in American history.

Now she has set her sights on Monsanto.

Erin Brockovich writes:

On a recent Saturday afternoon, in an estuary near Tampa Bay, Florida, I watched airboats move up and down the river banks, spraying massive plumes of weedkiller on to the vegetation. The state of Florida was trying to control and kill off scores of plant species. Nearby, children were lying out in the sun, though they knew better than to swim in the water, which has recently been blooming with toxic algae. Mists of weedkiller drifted downwind toward them.

The main active ingredient in that mist, and in the weedkiller being sprayed throughout Tampa Bay, is glyphosate, one of the most widely used herbicides in the US. First registered for use here in 1974, it is now an ingredient in more than 750 products, including the most widely deployed herbicide in the world, Monsanto’s Roundup. For more than a generation, Americans have been using Roundup and other glyphosate-based chemicals to improve agricultural yields, manage forests, ripen fruit and kill the dandelions sprouting from our front lawns.

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