by Roger Dewhurst

Ivermectin was approved by Medsafe for prescription by GPs in 2005, sixteen years ago. Dr Bloomfield must have known that and TV One Q + A presenter Jack Tame, if he had done any homework, would have known that also.  On the issue of credibility, which was raised in the program, he should have confronted the woman from Auckland University.  Credibility is indeed an issue and Bloomfield has none. 

“Follow the money” was mentioned.  Indeed it should be so.  Pfizer can anticipate collecting several hundred million dollars from the NZ Taxpayer.  Could it be that some fat brown envelopes have been put in trouser pockets?  Nobody will trouser any money from Ivermectin.  Could that be the reason it is being talked down?  It is used as a veterinary medicine, but it has long been used for humans too.  In the USA I believe its use was approved by the FDA a decade or two before it was approved here.  It has had much use around the world and has never been proven dangerous.  Credibility indeed. 

I would not trust Bloomfield, Ardern and her lickspittles further than I could throw them.  Why too should I trust the Mainstream Media?  They have all been bought and paid for by this government.  Vote for vax and you vote for the police state and corruption.  Consider Lithuania. 

Again on a TV item this morning.  We could all be at Level 0 if we scrap the Pfizer ‘vaccine’ and treat every Cv positive case/contact with the $10 per person Ivermectine cocktail used in Uttar Pradesh, India.  Let us say there are a thousand positives and contacts.  They could all be treated as soon as found at a cost of less than $10,000.  Instead we are set to pay Pfizer hundreds of millions of dollars for a ‘vaccine’ which does not prevent the disease and does not prevent a carrier from passing it on — and kills a few as well.  How blithering daft can we get?  Shear stupidity or are there indeed some fat brown envelopes being put in trousers courtesy of the pharmaceutical ‘vaccine’ pushers?