From the BFD:

by Cam Slater

Now that the Government’s draconian segregation of the ‘vaccinated’ from the ‘unvaccinated’ has been rammed through under urgency in just 24 hours we will start to see a burgeoning black market of people seeking to cater for the new Untermenschen that Jacinda Ardern has created.

The problem the Government has is that they operate with a Pollyanna-ish outlook on life. The staff advising Jacinda Ardern are no better than failed student politicians with zero understanding of how markets and people react.

They have sat in their ivory towers in Wellington, protected from any economic consequences, on full salaries, while they blithely locked up half of the New Zealand economy. They set about making up rules and regulations and now laws on the fly, in a bid to heroically defeat a microscopic virus.

They have micro-managed every tiny detail of your lives, and the vast majority of you all went along with it…for your health. Now the end game is afoot, the further demonisation and segregation of the Untermenschen, the “Unhealthy”, the filthy anti-vaxxers.

They are literally using  Biderman’s Chart of Coercion to propagandise and subjugate those who won’t do as they’re told. A tool designed to demonstrate and explain the coercive methods of stress manipulation used to torture prisoners of war. It has been applied to explain the coercive techniques used by perpetrators of domestic abuse. 

This Government has fostered and created an army of snitches, turned mate against mate, family against family and now the vaccinated against the un-vaccinated. They’ve dressed it up as a choice, but it isn’t a choice when you are actually forced into it with threats or blackmail and with the “reward” of getting some, not all, of your freedoms back.

Never in the history of the world have the people forcing others into compliance been the good guys.

The saddest part of this pandemic nonsense is watching people you previously admired throw their friendships and family under the bus out of fear. It has also shown us, sadly, that while most people would like to see themselves as a hero like Oskar Schindler or the people who hid Anne Frank, in reality, they are much more like Heinrich Himmler or the ones who turned in those hiding Jews. I’d say that in any population 80% are by nature collaborators and conformists, whereas 20% are by nature sceptical, questioning, independent, autonomous and to varying degrees rebellious.

At least I know who they are now, and I’ll never forget what they did.

This brings me to what this article is all about. The Government and their lickspittles in the media would have you all believe that the vaccines were making you free. Well, the evidence is all around us in the rest of the world that simply isn’t the case.

They are also hoodwinking you into believing that for 100 days Aucklanders have sat quivering in fear of a virus that seems to be tricky to catch rather than actually being tricky.

And they’ll have you believe that if you are vaccinated then you shouldn’t have filthy unvaccinated near you…in case they pass the dreaded tricky virus on to you and put you at risk. None of these morons has paused for even a moment to realise the logic gap of that position.

And so they shriek that we need to discriminate, we need to segregate and we need to ostracise and demonise the non-compliant.

But those who are non-compliant will find ways around their infantile rules and restrictions. We always do.

So, I happen to know of a barber who is “closed” on Sundays but who is now “open” for his unvaxxed clients, who will get their haircut out the back away from the prying eyes of the local snitches and Karens.

A woman I know has been contacted by her regular hairdresser, who after 100 days of no income, is not in a position to turn away any business from the unvaccinated. She also has a couple of unvaxxed employees who she values more than a stupid health directive and is setting up a mobile hairdressing service for her unvaxxed clients. Now that’s entrepreneurial…and on the down-low.

There will be many others doing the same. Those who stand by their unvaxxed employees and customers are heroes. Those who don’t really are the scum of the earth. The heroes deserve more business and those who dump their unvaxxed employees or customers deserve opprobrium and derision.

I will not use any business that discriminates against their staff or clients, on ANY basis. They deserve nothing. They are the useful idiots and compliant Pavlov’s dogs of this out-of-control fascist government.

If you want to know how people become radicalised, this is how. But the unvaxxed will prevail. They’ll work together, they’ll get better friends, and they will build lasting businesses and personal relationships as a result.

The Government will fail, just like they did locking down Auckland for no discernible benefit. The restrictions and the over the top Karen behaviour will last about two weeks. Store owners, hairdressers, barbers and restauranteurs will tire of being Ardern’s little enforcers. Then they’ll stop caring. We already have this happening inside the Auckland Gulag.

”You thought you would be clever and eat with the ‘vaccinated’ did you? Think again, small Kiwi business owner.”

The Police are already over it all. They are exhausted chasing down rule-breakers when they should be chasing actual criminals. Their public support is at an all-time low after they acted like bullies over the gun buyback. Their behaviour in being the jackbooted thugs of the Ardern regime has further eroded public confidence.

Does anyone other than the functioning idiot that is our Prime Minister really believe that the Police are going ask restaurant, bar, hairdresser, barber and brothel patrons to show their papers and then drag recalcitrant rule-breakers out by their hair? Enforcement will be a joke and as soon as we realise that it will be a joke we will cease to comply.

So, just cease complying from the get-go. Let’s not play their silly games. Let’s support the heroes and shun the snitches, vaxholes*, bullies and their businesses.

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– * A term that the BFD has coined for those, mostly in the Junta’s paid Mainstream Media, who make disparaging remarks about those who decline to be injected with the useless, risky substance.