The Local Government Commission has made its final determination on the Kapiti Council’s representation arrangements which take effect for the 2022 local authority elections to be held in October this year.  The full determination can be found on the Local Government Commission’s website.

It sees the district keeping four wards and five community boards as proposed by the Council following its recent representation review. It makes some changes to Council’s final proposal decision including to the ratio of ward to district-wide councillors and to some ward boundaries. A summary of the determination is set out below:    


The determination maintains the mixed model of representation comprising ten councillors and a mayor but changes the ratio of ward to district-wide councillors from 5:5 to 7:3.

Currently Kāpiti Coast District has five ward councillors and five district-wide, which Council proposed to remain. The Commission’s decision adds an extra councillor to both the Waikanae and Paraparaumu Wards and reduces the number of district-wide councillors from five to three.

Ōtaki and Paekākāriki-Raumati Wards will have one councillor each, Waikanae will have two, Paraparaumu three, and three councillors will represent the district as a whole.

Wards and boundary changes

The determination maintains four wards (Ōtaki, Waikanae, Paraparaumu and Paekākāriki-Raumati) but makes changes to our proposed boundaries for Te Horo and Raumati to achieve better representation for the fair representation rule (+/- 10% rule).

The Council will provide more detail on the boundary changes when maps are available from the Local Government Commission.

Community Boards

The LGC determination maintains the five Community Boards in line with Council’s final proposal: Ōtaki, Waikanae, Paraparamu, Paekākāriki, and Raumati.

Otaki and Waikanae Community Board boundaries are aligned to their respective Ward boundaries. The Paraparaumu Community Board is aligned to the Paraparaumu Ward area excluding the Raumati community southwest of the Kapiti Coast Airport. The Raumati Community Board boundaries are from Waterfall Road/Queen Elizabeth Park into the Paraparaumu Ward to the northern end of Wharemauku Road and the southwestern boundary of Kapiti Airport. The Paekakariki Community Board boundaries extend south from Waterfall Road/Queen Elizabeth Park. New maps are also being produced for the community board boundaries and will be provided once they are available.

Further information is on the KCDC website at Representation Review.