by Christelle Néant

After shelling the new firing positions that Ukrainian soldiers had set up in Azovstal during the evacuation of civilians held in the factory, the Russian army organized a new ceasefire and new humanitarian corridors over three days to continue the evacuation. But instead of letting out the civilians still in the Azovstal basement, the Ukrainian soldiers revealed their true face as terrorists and hostage-takers.

After three days of successful evacuation of civilians held in Azovstal by Ukrainian soldiers, the Russian army had to interrupt the evacuation to shell the factory in order to eliminate the firing positions that the latter had set up thanks to the ceasefire.

The shelling lasted two days and after ensuring that the firing positions were destroyed, the Russian army announced again that a ceasefire and humanitarian corridors would be re-established on 5, 6 and 7 May to continue the evacuation of civilians still present in the Azovstal basements.

Except that instead of letting the remaining civilians out of the basement of the Azovstal factory, the Ukrainian soldiers demanded to exchange them at the rate of 15 civilians for a ton of food and medicine.

“We have to maintain contacts with the Azov Nazis who have settled there and the SBU representatives in the interest of saving the civilians who have stayed there. During the negotiations, they offered us to exchange civilian hostages – 15 for a ton of food and medicine – and warned that no one else will be allowed to go to Ukraine, from now on they will only be exchanged,” said a representative of the factory liberation operation headquarters.

According to this source, more than 200 civilians may still be in the Azovstal basements, including women, children and the elderly. This demand to exchange civilians for food and medicine “by weight” is viciously reminiscent of the Islamic State terrorists’ method in Syria.

Above all, it reveals the true face of the Ukrainian soldiers holed up in the Azovstal factory: hostage-taking terrorists. Not only are they using these civilians as human shields, but now they are trading them for food and medicine! This is the true face of the pseudo Ukrainian heroes, and the pseudo defenders of Marioupol. In reality they don’t give a damn about the civilians they claim to defend!

The demands of the Ukrainian soldiers of the neo-Nazi Azov regiment made the spokesman of the Russian Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, react. He stressed that their demands revealed their true face, which is the reason why Russia decided to intervene in Ukraine.

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