The Taxpayers Union has surveyed local council candidates around the country on a series of 5 questions about whether or not their positions on these major issues conform to the Union’s views.

Not all candidates bothered to reply and not all those who did answered all questions.

The candidates we’ve profiled — Michelle Lewis (Mayor/Districtwide), Nigel Wilson (Waikanae), Glen Cooper and Martin Frauenstein (both Paraparaumu) — all rate well, as does Tim Parry in Waikanae.

Who do you think should make the final decision on whether a Council has Māori wards?” Voters or Councils

“Do you support the Government’s Three Waters reforms (Water Services Entities Bill)?”

“For the Council you are standing for, how much wasteful spending do you perceive it to have?”

“Do you think it is the role of local government to discourage people from using private motor vehicles?”

“What is the maximum level of rates rise (including targeted rates and other compulsory charges) you would be comfortable voting for per year, if elected?”

If a candidate has a tick next to their name, this means their position on the selected issue aligns with the Taxpayers’ Union’s position.

“Please note that a tick does not represent an endorsement of a candidate and their views.”

Kapiti Coast District Council candidates are on this page

Readers in other parts of the country should enter their postcode on this page to get their local council(s)