“The Government’s half billion dollar budget for the Three Waters computer system is yet more proof that Three Waters will mean higher water costs,” says New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union Executive Director Jordan Williams.

Everyone is cashing in on the Three Waters. There’s the consultants, the Tuku Morgan-type grifters, and now big tech get a spot at the trough.

“The Government needs to Scrap Three Waters – returning water assets to democratic accountability and local control will put a stop to these unnecessary costs.

The NZ Herald has confirmed what the Taxpayers’ Union has been saying all along – Three Waters means higher water costs. Now that the first Bill to implement the Three Waters reforms has passed through Parliament, the Government is moving onto the next stages. The latest Bill gives powers to the four new super entities to bill ratepayers directly for water usage. This is despite the fact that these entities are not accountable to the ratepayers who pay those bills.”