by Billy Te Kahika

This is more filth and propaganda from STUFFed. CON. Seriously.

I just don’t understand where they’re coming from and I have tried.

I don’t see violent hatred or violence against trans people anywhere. The reality is the world is a dangerous place where anyone and everyone is at risk at some point of being confronted with threats and violence — like I have these past 3 years.

I don’t see violent protests that see trans people needing to be rushed away from a mob intent on killing them?

I did see that violent extremism from the trans community when Posie Parker came to NZ — we did see hundreds of demonically charged people try and rip a small woman apart.

The MAN who organised that violent response was made Young New Zealander of the Year — Does that show you where NZ is at?

The questions I have are: Why do trans people need to be acknowledged any more than others? Why should men with testicles be able to share women’s private spaces?

Why do grown men dressed as women want to read stories to our children and spend time with them? Why do schools want to encourage your child to receive gender affirmation treatment instead of real help?

I don’t get it. But I do get that this is a demonic agenda that has been allowed by the spineless and morally bankrupt of our country and news media like STUFFed shall have their day in court. Soon.