Ukrainian Militants armed with Western-supplied weapons launched a deadly raid on a Russian border Region this week.

The United Nations has voiced concerns over a recent cross-border attack on Russia’s Belgorod Region, while saying it was unable to confirm who carried out the operation. Russian officials have condemned the incursion as a “terrorist act” organized by Kiev to divert attention from its battlefield failures.

Asked about this week’s border raid during a Tuesday press briefing, a representative for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said the agency was aware of the incident, urging all parties to avoid any further escalation.

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There have been also drone attacks on Belgorod — article

‘Undisputed’ means the territory that the Biden administration does not contest belongs to Russia. As Caitlin Johnstone stated in her article, Biden & Co. claim that Crimea and Donbass belong to their puppet state of Ukraine. Although they pretend otherwise, the MSM know that Ukraine has been since 2014 — and certainly is now — for all intents and purposes an American Overseas Territory and more specifically a territory of the DNC. Biden’s war has reduced the population from about 34 million in 2021 to under 20 million now, some of the loss being soldiers killed by Joe’s war, the rest people who have fled either East or West. Biden could stop the fighting with one instruction to Zelensky, but like Hitler, both want to fight to the bitter end, whatever that that may look like.