MED TV set

…it is almost frugal compared with some central government departments.  We think this report on the stuff website about the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment spending $140,000 on a TV set for its reception area when it was refurbishing its offices (not to mention a hair straightener) is a good example of what government departments and agencies will do with other people’s money (i.e. the taxpayers) when they don’t think they will have to answer for it!  The boss of this department gets paid $600,000, nearly twice what the KCDC boss gets, and that is bad enough.

Congratulations to the journalists who brought this inexcusable extravagance to the notice of the public; this is exactly what the media should be doing.


The revelations continue – $800,000 on media monitoring and $800 on toy sheep, the type sold in adult stores…