WCB pay

This was also buried in the Waikanae Community Board minutes for the May meeting.

A pay rise in itself isn’t remarkable, but what is remarkable is the size of it the members want — 30% — and the reasons given.

Did they not expect that they would be involved with these things?  In fact were they not things that they themselves identified when they stood for the WCB?

There are dozens of voluntary community activists in Waikanae who also are involved with these matters — Destination Waikanae and the Olde Waikanae Beach Preservation Society members, to name just a couple.

We daresay this blog — for which we get nothing — does more to inform people than the five WCB members do collectively.

We’ve had a few things to say about the unjustifiably massive pay that KCDC boss Dougherty gets, but the same applies at the other end, too.  We respectfully suggest to the WCB members that they should moderate their remuneration expectations.