New Kapiti Coast Mayor Guru made the provisions in Section 14 of this Act a feature of his campaign — and all the candidates for the Waikanae Ward seat, except Michael Scott, did too.

It’s worth citing this Section in its entirety with certain phrases underlined:-

14  Principles relating to local authorities
(1)  In performing its role, a local authority must act in accordance with the following principles:

(a)  a local authority should—

(i)  conduct its business in an open, transparent, and democratically accountable manner; and
(ii)  give effect to its identified priorities and desired outcomes in an efficient and effective manner:

(b)  a local authority should make itself aware of, and should have regard to, the views of all of its communities; and

(c)  when making a decision, a local authority should take account of—

(i)  the diversity of the community, and the community’s interests, within its district or region; and
(ii)  the interests of future as well as current communities; and
(iii)  the likely impact of any decision on the interests referred to in subparagraphs (i) and (ii):

(d) a local authority should provide opportunities for Māori to contribute to its decision-making processes:

(e)  a local authority should actively seek to collaborate and co-operate with other local authorities and bodies to improve the effectiveness and efficiency with which it achieves its identified priorities and desired outcomes; and

(f)  a local authority should undertake any commercial transactions in accordance with sound business practices; and
(fa)  a local authority should periodically—

(i)  assess the expected returns to the authority from investing in, or undertaking, a commercial activity; and
(ii)  satisfy itself that the expected returns are likely to outweigh the risks inherent in the investment or activity; and

(g)  a local authority should ensure prudent stewardship and the efficient and effective use of its resources in the interests of its district or region, including by planning effectively for the future management of its assets; and

(h)  in taking a sustainable development approach, a local authority should take into account—

(i) the social, economic, and cultural interests of people and communities; and
(ii)  the need to maintain and enhance the quality of the environment; and
(iii)  the reasonably foreseeable needs of future generations.

(2) If any of these principles conflict in any particular case, the local authority should resolve the conflict in accordance with the principle in subsection (1)(a)(i).

Clearly, the way the KCDC has been run during the years of the Rowan-Church & Dougherty Dynasty has fallen short of these requirements.  The two mayors mentioned were both turfed out by voters — and is what the new council should do with Dougherty.

Guy Burns of the Paraparaumu-Raumati Community Board says that all KCDC documents, baring certain confidential ones, should be on the KCDC website and we agree.   The website, however, like most KCDC documents, is very difficult to negotiate and needs professional redesigning.