Application_for_Resource_Consent_-_Waimeha_Neighburhood_Development-13With its works for this massive property development now visibly underway from Te Moana Road, it is time to start reporting on this.  At present, what we know is what the council has given us — this consists of the company’s Resource Consent Application (1,002 pages of it) and the council’s decision — simply on the “Waimeha Neighbourhood Development Area within the Ngarara Zone”, the closest to Te Moana Road. As is clear from the company’s diagram (above), this is only a small part of the total land area that it intends to develop.

A detailed list of questions we sent to the company’s nominated representative simply resulted in a referral to the company’s website.  We attach no credence to glossy propaganda by property developers and will disregard it for practical analysis.

The company stated in its application that in this area alone, it wanted to create “280-330 household units” consisting of apartments in blocks of up to 3 stories plus hundreds of sections (i.e. lots) from 225 square metres to 725 square metres in size — which qualifies them as medium density — as well as “mixed use areas for business (retail and commercial activities.)” See below.

As all of it is within what is regarded as the Waikanae Beach zone, before reporting and commenting further we want to first meet with representatives of the Waikanae Beach Residents Society for their views on it all.