KCDC-logoThe news reports in both the NZ Herald and Dominion Post this week on the apparent victimization of Cr David Scott for opposing extravagant and reckless intentions of council boss, Dougherty, bother us a lot. David Scott voted against a 5.9% rates increase this year, Dougherty’s pay rise and the Paraparaumu and Waikanae town centre plans; all very recently.

We have exactly the same questions as Dr Kerry Bolton (see earlier): Why was this supposedly ‘confidential’ matter leaked to the media and by whom? It was only initially known to four people – David Scott, Dougherty, Mayor Guru and the complainant, who we are told from several sources is [name withheld pending advice from our lawyers], a relatively recent Dougherty senior hire. And why did she promptly e-mail details to a contractor who is doing work for KCDC on which Cr Scott has objected?

The reports in the two papers claim that there is a ‘police investigation’ underway.  But that is news to David Scott. The same claim was used by Cr Vining and Dougherty at a meeting of the Audit and Risk Committee yesterday to remove David Scott from the room.

While it is probable that Dougherty did complain to the police, it seems they are not taking it too seriously: and that is hardly surprising given its flippant and frivolous nature.  It all seems part of a ploy by Dougherty.

We gather the letter composed by Dougherty and signed by Guru also included complaints that David Scott had previously complimented other female staff on their appearance — good grief.

What bothers us more than any of the above, however, is how council contracts are awarded by Dougherty.  This is something on which we are going to write to the government Audit Office.

We would be very interested in verifiable information that people have on this, particularly from council employees.  Confidentiality is assured.