Who does Google hate? Anyone who opposed Hillary Clinton in the 2016 US Presidential Election for a start.

But even if you challenge a prevailing ‘Politically Correct’ establishment stance such as the Global Warming hoax, you’ll be in the Google bad books, too.  Even on here, we’ve noticed that since we began doing that, our rankings in Google’s search results have fallen, despite a steadily increasing number of pageviews.

You can guarantee blogs of a right wing disposition like Cameron Slater’s Whale Oil won’t feature much on Google.

The real 21st century Big Brother, along with Facebook, Google decides what you should and shouldn’t know.


(Natural News) In order to salvage the failing mainstream media and stop the public from getting news elsewhere, advertising and search engine behemoth Google plans to invest $300 million into a new algorithm that, for all intents and purposes, threatens to permanently destroy the independent news industry.

Known as the “Google News Initiative,” the program will redirect advertising dollars back to mainstream publishers and away from many up-and-coming news outlets that have broken free from the Wall Street propaganda machine. Google says it will begin to work with publishers to “elevate accuracy, quality content and stem the flow of misinformation and disinformation” – which is just code speak for censorship.

If Google gets its way – and what’s to stop the company at this point? – then you can say goodbye to websites like Natural News that probably won’t make the “cut” in terms of meeting Google’s “truth” standards. Google will quickly become the sole decider in what constitutes “quality journalism,” which it will prop to the top of the search engine list, while everything else will be de-prioritized.

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