GWRC LTP-Consultation-Document-1This is is being held at the Paraparaumu Beach Market in MacLean Park “beginning at 8 am.”

The announcement continues: “Come along and meet with our councillors and council staff to find out more about our plans for the future of our extraordinary region. We want to hear your views.”

As the average GWRC rates being paid by Kapiti people is $393 in 2017-2018, it probably doesn’t feature much in most people’s attention.

But there is a proposed increase of $64 or 16.5% in that average for Kapiti ratepayers!  Oddly, for Porirua and Upper Hutt ratepayers there are proposed reductions.

Unfair? Then show up and tell Penny Gaylor in particular that you want that Kapiti increase reduced, or you’ll vote for someone else next year.

The full 40 page consultation pdf is downloadable here

GWRC rates