Subject: Ngaio Road

Dear Stuart,

Thank you for the opportunity to comment on your proposal to spend significant amounts of taxpayer money because it is available.

I would like to understand where and how Council is mandated to cater to “less confident riders (who are our target market)”? What evidence do you have that this is a community desire or need?

You have completely missed the sensible option, however, which is the option I strongly favour – that of do nothing where there is no need to do otherwise.  Ngaio road is a local community road with ample existing facility for pedestrians and cyclists to use it in safety and comfort.

Any external funding could be re-directed to an area of greater need rather than being spent here just because it is available.  It matters not one jot to me whether it is spent in Waikanae or Lumsden so long as it is spent according to the greatest need and for the best benefit.

If the moneys are to be allocated and spent in Waikanae, Council should look at how to get road security for Waikanae East residents. This is a far more pressing need and appears to be slipping further and further out of Council’s grasp, having already missed the opportunity to join Huia Street with Octavius Road at minimal cost.  The proposed emergency crossing will not meet the need of the growing population of Waikanae East, nor of other Waikanae residents wanting or needing to cross the railway line to access facilities on the east side.

Margaret Delbridge