The old saying: “If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.” From

In June 2019, scammers attempted to swindle millions of social media users by presenting a movie- and television-streaming service called “PlayJoltz,” which spammy, fabricated online posts claimed was “better than Netflix” and was available for free for (you guessed it) a limited time only.

We received multiple inquiries about PlayJoltz after it was promoted on Facebook and Twitter in almost-identical posts, each targeting readers from a different nation.

For example, on 25 June the website published a post with the headline “There is a Better Service Than Netflix…and It’s Free for the Canadian!” The article went on to report that:

“The streaming giant Netflix has lost thousands of Canada users this week because of a new competing service which just came out and is lifetime free for the people living in North America (US & CA). The new service is called Playjoltz and provides an identical streaming service to that of Netflix but with a lot of extras. The users admit it is much faster, cleaner and with many more movies/series than Netflix. They currently give a free access to the first 5,000 people who subscribe even though it seems they have almost reached this number.

“With an almost unlimited selection of HD movies and TV series having an incredibly good image quality and that loads up at blazing speeds on all devices (TV, smartphones, computers, tablets), it is not surprising that thousands of people have already switched from Netflix to this new service, Playjoltz, since it has been launched 3 weeks ago. Playjoltz informed us that the last day to subscribe for free is 27 June, 2019.”

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