According to this article on the NZ Herald website, a Green Party candidate from last year with the ironic name of Jim Crow didn’t like the car numberplate he was given at the AA Centre for a new car earlier this year, because the 6-letter number began with the alphabetical sequence ‘NGR’ — and as Wokeists do, he blew a fuse, proclaiming ‘racist!’ and ‘offensive!’ 🙂

One presumes he thought it was a contraction of negro which is Latin and Spanish for black; or the German neger which means negro in the African-American sense, corrupted to the well-known derogatory word. But it says a lot about how his mind works. There’re many other things it could stand for, such as National Gun Registry (leftists should like that), or aptly in his case, Now Get Real.

No doubt when WTE comes up he’ll go nuts over that, too. 🙂