The Jacinda government’s “Significant Natural Areas” landgrab, under UN Agenda 2030 — the action plan to be implemented worldwide to inventory and control all land, all water, all minerals, all plants, all animals, all construction, all means of production, all energy, all education, all information, and all human beings in the world.   

This is a draft template for feedback on the attempt by local councils and central government to take control of large portions of private land in New Zealand.

To CEO of Relevant Council —

In response to your intention to make claims of ownership upon my land under the guise of environmental protection in the form of an SNA; I strongly OPPOSE any form of centralised, bureaucratic management of private land for the following reasons:

1- The historic failure of regional and local council to protect the land and the waterways.

2- The past and continuing poisoning of DOC reserves and crown land with the toxic chemical, known as 1080.

3- The continuing promotion and use of known, toxic glyphosates in parks, schools, public places and along road verges.

4- The failure of government agencies to encourage landowners to reduce the use of toxic chemicals for pesticide and herbicide control.

5- The failure of Councils to incentivise landowners to transition to sustainable methods of food production and land management.

6- The well documented failure of DOC to protect wildlife in conservation areas from the toxic effects of aerial dropped, 1080.

7- The active encouragement of government agencies to induce farmers to clear native bush and plant mono-cultures of radiata pine with the ensuing degradation of the land, silting of harbours and increased flooding events.

8- The increased strangling of farmers with compliance regulations which stifles innovation, increases the cost of production and forces sale of land to foreign interests who have no cultural or natural ties to the land.

9- The proposed nationalisation of water services and once well respected habitat protection advocates such as fish and game, further dis-empowers important individual and community input into decisions which affect us all.

10- The centralisation of power removes important checks and balances on abuse of power

11- The international laws against expropriation of private property are further good reasons to stop this imminent land grab by our elected representatives without any social licence or public interest mandate.

Once again, there are lessons from history to heed:

Ernst Huber, official Nazi Party spokesman, 1933:
‘All property is common property.  The owner is bound by the people and the Reich to the responsible management of his goods.  His legal position is only justified when he satisfies this responsibility to the community. ‘
Nazi Land Philosophy

The issue of land ownership is secondary; what counts is the issue of control.  Private citizens, therefore, may continue to hold titles to property–so long as the state reserves to itself the unqualified right to regulate the use of their property.

–Leonard Peikoff, The Ominous Parallels, 1982