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The Auckland harbour bike path was bad enough, but yesterday’s news of what our money is being used for takes the cake: taxpayer funding for the Mongrel Mob.

Millions of taxpayer dollars used to fund the Mongrel Mob

You couldn’t make this up.

This time, we are not talking a few hundred dollar koha from the Human Rights Commissioner – we’re talking millions of dollars taken from a fund that was meant for victims of crime!

Yesterday morning the Hawke’s Bay Today (owned by the NZ Herald) revealed Mongrel Mob leaders received $2.75 million via a contract from the Ministry of Health. The money was to run a drug rehab programme – the very drugs the Mob peddles.

In other words, the gang gets people hooked on meth, then puts them up at a marae for rehab, and gets rich at both ends.

The Mongrel Mob gets $30,000 for every person it puts through the course, which involves staying at a marae, fishing trips, and (I wish this was a joke) working on the gardens of the Mongrel Mob’s chapter president!

Revealed by the Taxpayers’ Union: Jacinda Ardern personally signed off on the funding

It gets worse. We can reveal that, because the programme was funded via the Proceeds of Crime Fund, it was signed off by none other than the Prime Minister, with the Ministers of Finance and Justice.

That’s incredible. Elected officials are given veto powers over this kind of spending precisely so they can shut down out-of-touch ideas from unelected bureaucrats. Instead of vetoing – Jacinda Ardern signed cheques to the Mob.

PM approval

Our work yesterday morning led to questions being asked of the Prime Minister in her post-Cabinet media conference.

To our astonishment, the PM said she is “comfortable” with the spending.

Enough is enough – support the Taxpayers’ Union to hold Jacinda Ardern to account

I’m asking for your financial support so the Taxpayers’ Union can fight back against this disgraceful spending.

Unlike the Mongrel Mob, we don’t receive millions from the taxpayer! We are depending on your support.

It’s time to de-fund criminal gangs

Your donation will be used to:

  1. audit every government department (and council) to expose what other agencies are funding the Mob and other gangs. With your support, we will hire a new researcher to expose this spending.
  2. draft and promote a parliamentary bill to make it illegal for the Government to use your taxpayer money to fund criminal gangs.

But to stop taxpayer funding for organised crime we need your support.

David circleDavid Farrar
New Zealand Taxpayers’ Union

Ps. Before the Paul Hunt saga, we never thought such cosy relationships between government and organised crime were possible. But it appears these back door financing arrangements are widespread. Help us fight back by making a confidential donation so Louis, Jordan and the team can continue to expose Jacinda Ardern’s Government.