1. Covid is so dangerous, everyone, including children have to be vaccinated.

SARS-CoV-2 poses a negligible risk to the majority of people, 90% of those infected, experience minor, or no symptoms. Children are virtually unaffected by Covid, with a recovery rate of 99.997% (between the age of 0-19). It is more likely for a child to die of the common flu, than Covid.

The median survival rate is 99.77% and above the age of 70 it is 94.6%. (these numbers are based on 74 estimates from 61 studies). Those who are 70 and older do receive protection from the shots. However, 85% of post vaccination deaths were 85 and older, thus the benefit to risk ratio is questionable even for seniors.

In July 2021, the US media claims there is a “Pandemic of the Unvaccinated”, but the data shows otherwise. In Los Angeles County, average daily deaths are 7 in a population of 10 Million and the area hospitals ICU capacities are at 96 to 100%. The narrative is designed to mislead the public, shame the unvaccinated and get people to take the poisonous shots.

2. The vaccines are effective, even against the variants.

In the Pfizer clinical trial, out of the vaccinated 21,720 participants, 8 were found infected during the follow-up, in the placebo group of 21,728, 162 infections were detected.

That comes to 0.036% for the inoculated group and 0.745% for the control group. The difference is 0.7%. That means, while the American public was told, the vaccines were 94% effective, (one report even claimed 100%), in the clinical trials the risk of infection was only lowered by less than 1%.

See a more detailed explanation in: Reporting Bias in Covid-19 Vaccine Efficacy.

As to the alleged effectiveness against the variants, the UK was hard hit by the Delta mutation. Their records indicate, that by June, 60% of deaths due to the Delta variant were vaccinated individuals.

At the same time, infection rates among the vaccinated skyrocketed. In Singapore, vaccinated people account for 75% of new infections. In Los Angeles County, 25% of new infections are among the vaccinated by the end of July, masks are required for vaccinated people and a booster shot is on the way, yet officials still claim the “vaccines are working”!

3. Vaccination is the only way to be safe from Covid and return to normal.

There are two ways to develop immunity, through inoculation, when a weakened version of the virus is injected and by natural immunity, upon infection. In both cases, the immune system is stimulated to create antibodies against the virus, or a future infection.

Vaccines are a high risk, short term intervention. Adverse events are common, causing lasting injuries and deaths (see next section) and short term, because the vaccines put pressure on the virus, causing it to mutate (that’s what caused the Delta surge), rendering the shots ineffective.

On the other hand, when immunity is gained naturally, the immune system can adopt to variants within hours, without the risks. Natural immunity is also long lasting. A few people, who were alive during the Spanish flu of 1918, were found to still have immunity to the virus after 90 years!

Coronavirus patients who recovered from the virus were far less likely to become infected during the latest wave of the pandemic than people who were vaccinated against COVID, according to numbers presented to the Israeli Health Ministry.

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