A portrait photo dated 1890. His name was bestowed on the native tree reserve on the east hills above the town after he passed away in 1912. Today it incorporates a summit walking track, and the summit is where our banner pic above was taken from.

Waipunahau is the name of a street in the new Waikanae North subdivision, the southern boundary of the Ryman’s retirement complex.

Karl Webber tells us: “He married Huria from down Nelson way. My father was born down there at Hira. Huria was the one they call ‘Grace Darling’ and she swam out with a line at Delaware Bay and saved the crew off the brigantine ship Delaware after it had broken up on rocks close to the pa at Wakapuaka near Nelson. Hemi was Te Kakakura Wi Parata’s half brother.”

Hemi Matenga built another house for himself and his family at 48 Winara Ave known as Kildoon House which is still standing — see this post.