from Cr Gwynn Compton

For this week’s upcoming Council meeting, myself and Councillors Jocelyn Prvanov, Bernie Randall, and Martin Halliday have lodged a notice of motion about the Kāpiti Gateway Te Uruhi project.We’re asking for two reports — one updating Council on the current situation with Te Uruhi and with options on pausing any further work beyond the stream work currently taking place until Council can receive, consider, and respond to the independent review of Te Uruhi once it’s completed, and a second report — after having received the independent review — with options for Council to allow us to reconsider whether to proceed any further with the project.

We’re also asking for these reports to be received and considered by Council before any contracts are awarded for the construction of physical buildings on the site.

Tune into the Council meeting on Thursday from 9:30am at

Meantime, work is proceeding at the site:

The parking lot is fenced off for the works.
Trees being removed. (Guy Burns pics from the last 48 hours)

Four Councilor votes for the motion is obviously not a majority. Cr Elliott could switch sides from comments she has made lately, but we don’t think any of the others will, which unfortunately means a 6-5 defeat. —Eds