from Voices for Freedom

What a surreal day. 

We recognise and extend our love, respect & acknowledgement to all those affected by the draconian, illogical and inhuman mandates coming into force [now]. 

As powerfully stated by Bobby Kennedy this past week: “Ordinarily, I don’t ask people to quit their jobs and make a spectacle of themselves….However, with the global assault on children and freedom that is now underway, the calculus has changed…There are worse things than death — this is the hill we die on.” 

To the thousands of Kiwis, the midwives, doctors, dentists, nurses, carers, paramedics, health practitioners, osteopaths, chiropractors, teachers, teacher aides, educators and others who worked their last day in their current role, and to the firefighters and corrections officers still standing strong, we see you. 

To all the mums, dads, grandparents and other family members who can no longer attend Playcentre, volunteer at school or help at camp, we see you. 

To those who’ve gone against their own wishes and were coerced and bullied into taking jabs to keep jobs, we see you. 

And, to those who took one or two jabs voluntarily and now feel regret and need a place of compassion and understanding, we see you too. 

Coercion, bullying, and mandates do not equal informed consent, and you deserved so much better. We continue to stand with you and fight for your rights against the tyranny that has enveloped our country.

There is still work to do, including creating a New Zealand that we can enjoy, feel proud of and want to leave for our children. Stay strong. Stay in touch. We all need each other more than ever. Together we know we are so much stronger.