Have Dear Leader and Company thought this through (a rhetorical question)? Doesn’t a Police State require police? What happens when a large number of them quit? —Eds

by Cam Slater of the BFD

How do those jackboots feel as they stomp all over your rights? Jacinda Ardern’s regime is now telling Police and the Armed Forces that they need to be fully vaccinated:

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Michael Wood announced today that workplace vaccination requirements will be extended to include the New Zealand Police and Defence Force in preparation for the transition to the new COVID-19 Protection Framework on 3 December 2021.

Ministers have worked with Police and Defence Force leadership on this, and there is broad support for the decision.  

NZ Government

So now the police will have to arrest any police who fail to comply.  That will be fun to watch. Now the police will have to think really, really hard if they want to continue harassing the public over the vaccine mandates, now that it will include their own.  Let the soul-searching begin!

Well placed sources tell me that approximately 1400 Police are not vaccinated. If they haven’t been vaccinated by now then they aren’t going to be. It will be amusing how Police and the Government will spin an alarming drop in Police numbers as a result of their ever-widening spread of vaccine mandates.

Naughty words. Cartoon credit BoomSlang. The BFD

First, they brought in lockdowns so they could eliminate the virus, and you all went along with it because you thought staying home saved lives.

Then they brought in vaccine mandates for border workers, and you went along with it because you’re not a border worker and it was such a small price to pay to get your freedoms back.

Then they brought in mask mandates for those using public transport, and you all went along with it because you don’t use public transport.

Then they brought in more lockdowns for a short, sharp solution to help eliminate the virus again that has dragged on day after day, week after week and that has now exceeded 100 days of lockdown in Auckland. But you stayed home and said nothing because it’ll be short and sharp and then we will be free again.

Then they brought in internal border restrictions where you have to get permission from a health official in order to leave, or enter. But you went along with it because you hate Aucklanders.

Then they brought in mask mandates for everyone, everywhere, despite evidence from around the world that they don’t work. But you dutifully put a mask on and complied because you were told that it would lead to more freedom.

Then they brought in vaccine mandates for teachers and health workers, and you went along with it because it’s still such a small price to pay for freedom and you aren’t a teacher or a health worker.

Then they announced vaccine passports, and you and all the businesses out there screamed that you wanted it everywhere, after all, it is such a tiny price to pay for getting your freedoms back.

Now they are talking about vaccine passports and forced medical tests to further control entry to and exit from Auckland, along with a booking system to clear the border. But that’s OK because you still hate Aucklanders and they aren’t really in the Team of Five Million.


Come to think of it, neither are those refusing to be vaccinated, they aren’t in the Team of Five Million either, and so you cheered when the Government announced draconian penalties against these un-persons. You agreed because you’ve complied and soon you’ll be free.

Don’t forget Kiwis offshore who can’t come home, they aren’t part of the Team of Five Million either. They can stay out.

And then the arrests started, and Brian Tamaki was arrested and charged and imprisoned for attending a picnic, and you said nothing because you think Brian Tamaki is a dick, and you read that in the media, so it must be true.

Then they extended the vaccine mandate for 40% of the workforce but you said nothing because you aren’t working at the border, or in the health sector, or in education or a gym, or in hospitality, or as a barber or a hairdresser.

And then they said that you couldn’t get a haircut or enjoy summer or attend restaurants or bars unless you were vaccinated, and the active persecution and punishments of the unvaccinated started. But you said nothing because you are vaccinated, and the unvaccinated have made their choice and these are the consequences.

And then the Government used their contracts to force private employers who contract to the Government to enforce mandatory vaccination for their staff. But you said nothing because you don’t have any Government contracts.

Then the Ministry of Education told schools that they could use the Police to drag unvaccinated teachers out of their classes because they were “inappropriate people”. But you said nothing because now you are too scared to say anything in case you get dragged from your house for speaking up.

Then they mandated vaccines for the Police and military, and you shrugged because you aren’t in the Police or the military.

Dutifully complying and agreeing with anything the Government sends your way will not make this end. How long before they make vaccines compulsory for everyone? Don’t laugh, it’s coming. Germany is seriously contemplating it right now.

Have you not yet realised that this tyranny will not end through compliance? The fascists in charge will simply put more and more hurdles in your way until you can no longer jump them, and then the hurdles become fences and the fences become prisons.

Photoshopped image credit Cam Slater. The BFD.

Auckland has become New Zealand’s first gulag, and you all accepted it meekly, thinking, wrongly as it turned out, that complying would mean an end.

Worse than the creation of gulags is the Prime Minister’s enthusiastic implementation of two classes of citizens:

Personally, I hope some Police or Army fellas are forcibly dragged from their barracks or Police cars by the jackbooted Police thugs of the Ardern regime, and I hope it is live-streamed by those watching disgusted at how far their country has fallen.

Each little step the Government takes is yet another step towards totalitarianism. This is real, this is happening. Now they are going to sack Police and Service people for not getting jabbed.

Small acts of daily defiance are needed. What will you do to defy this Government? What is YOUR tipping point?

So, how’s that freedom thing going for you? Are you any closer to freedom, now you are locked down, forced to take an experimental vaccine that doesn’t work, wear a mask even when exercising and need to show your papers where ever you may go?

This is no longer a dystopian view, this is reality, and you cheered it and begged for more the whole way. Listen, if you try hard you can almost hear the orchestra playing on the station platform in the distance.

You can’t comply your way out of tyranny. Your country has fallen.

How’s that jackboot on the back of your neck feeling?