We’re well aware of the constant snitching, shaming and scapegoating by Jacindanistas against those who don’t follow her, Hipkins and Bloomfield’s poorly conceived, arbitrary, illogical and silly covid rules.

What will we get when she rams her ‘hate speech’ intentions through Parliament? That’s easy to answer: Wokeists complaining every day about something someone has said that upsets them; followed by Thought Police arriving at that person’s door. That’s what happens in Britain.

You might think police have the discretion to disregard trivial and frivolous complaints and they do, but as this example, and other examples we’ve mentioned show, they don’t always in Britain when they or their commanders are Wokeists themselves. In a free and democratic society people should be entitled to express opinions, whether or not they are liked by everyone who sees or hears them.

We already have perfectly adequate laws against inciting hatred and violence; what the Jacinda government really wants is laws against offending Wokeists.