A billionaire Trump donor, who is the largest shareholder of the network’s new owner Discovery, wants to restore it to impartiality — and insisted on Jeff Zucker’s departure after his affair was exposed.

John Malone (pictured) is chairman of Liberty Media, Discovery’s largest shareholder

  • He previously donated $250,000 to Trump’s inauguration, and told of wanting to restore CNN to impartial journalism after years of left-wing bias   
  • After CNN chief Jeff Zucker’s relationship with colleague Allison Gollust was revealed, Malone reportedly made it clear policies must be followed 
  • CNN will be folded into Discovery as part of a $US 43 billion deal 
  • Zucker was due to stay on in some capacity and even take a bigger role at Discovery, but now has been cast out 
  • AT&T boss John Stankey was told of the affair from WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kilar — with whom Zucker has always had a frosty relationship 
  • CNN is now investigating if Zucker had an inappropriate relationship with Andrew Cuomo, former Governor of New York 
  • A source tells Rolling Stone that Gollust and Zucker were also advising Cuomo at the start of the pandemic — like Chris was fired for doing.

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Significantly in Jasindaland, Discovery is the owner of TV3 which calls its news program Newshub. John Malone may not like Newshub’s constant promotion of Wokeism, Critical Race Theory, Cultural Marxism, Globalism and, of course, slavish devotion to the Jasinda Junta.

Are the ‘Times a Changin’? Are we going to get real facts and balance on TV3 now?