Parliament’s Speaker Trevor Mallard enjoying the police brutality against peaceful protestors he wanted.

by Cam Slater on the BFD

National abrogated their right to govern by their silence and inaction. Ardern’s regime is now doomed after the Battle for Parliament’s Forecourt.

Yesterday saw a disgraceful degradation of democracy when the Police moved to try and shift peaceful protesters from Parliament’s forecourt after Speaker Trevor Mallard channelled his inner fascist and sent in the Police.

When the Government pummels you with propaganda, coerces you to be vaccinated, mandates you out of your job, divides your family, destroys your relationships and legalises discrimination against you, occupying Parliament’s lawn and being a bit rowdy seems like a mild response.

What is happening at Parliament is what happens when you shun, marginalise, ostracise and create a two-tier society. That’s on the tyrant Ardern, no one else.

It didn’t have to be that way.

If the politicians hadn’t cowered in fear behind the jackbooted ranks of the Police and actually went and listened to the protesters it all would have ended that day.

Instead, they acted like the elites they are and stood on the balconies of the people’s house and watched while they pitted the Police against their own voters. Christopher Luxon showed he is nothing other than Ardern’s Mini-Me to her Dr Evil.

Everything that happened did so because of the abject cowardice of the MPs who purport to be our leaders. They are not. This will be the end of all of them.

Blame for all this should rightfully be sheeted home to the tyrant Ardern. But the cowardice of National’s leadership should never be forgotten. By their silence and inaction they have shown that changing to a National-led government would just be a continuation of the draconian and anti-freedom policies of the left, just run more efficiently.

Two former politicians stood up yesterday and showed that they have principles. They were Winston Peters and Rodney Hide. Say what you will about them, they stood tall for freedom when others acted like Quislings.

All the ground the Police grabbed with their violent attempts to batter peaceful protestors into submission was lost when they suddenly backed off and handed the initiative to the protesters.

The Police actions were disgraceful. They gave protestors at Ihumatao cuddles, they ignore gang gatherings and anti-social behaviour and then they attack peaceful protesters with pepper spray and violence. They disgust me, my already low opinion of them sunk even further witnessing their excesses.

The gutless behaviour of our elected MPs as they hide behind the Police skirts has shown us all that they can no longer be trusted. A pox on all their houses.

If they and the Police think this is going to go away then they are mistaken. The protest will only gain in strength now, especially after they withstood Police attacks.

It is almost as though the Police and politicians want it darker, goading the protesters into violence. It failed. And so will their power.

There was a better way, ironically another Leonard Cohen song. If only the politicians had bothered to go and speak with the protestors.

The ground and argument have been ceded to the protesters and those politicians who embraced freedom. Christopher Luxon created a vacuum, and Winston Peters has filled it.

National abrogated their right to govern by their silence and inaction. Ardern’s regime is now doomed after the Battle for Parliament’s Forecourt.

Reap the whirlwind of the division you all sowed.

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