by Christopher Ruthe

“There is 20% less ice available for sea level rise in the world’s glaciers than previously thought.” This the conclusion of a scientific inquiry  based on actual measurements, says the Institute of Environmental Geosciences (IGE). This was not what they expected to find. They measured the velocity and depth of more than 250,000 mountain glaciers. Current predictions on sea level rise were based on computer modelling with no regard to actual physical measurements. The dire predictions have been proven to be manipulated speculation. 

The scientific journal Nature Geoscience states, “the findings change projections for climate-driven sea level rise expected to affect populations around the globe”. The research proves that climate scientists were willing to create models based on their predisposition to ‘prove’ extreme sea level rise. Deep glaciers were needed. Data was manipulated through computers and the gullible believe everything a computer spits out.  An overwhelmingly significant number of glaciers are shallower than estimates dressed up as fact.

There is less ice to melt. What other facts have the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) falsified? The IGE data shows the IPCC manipulated data to suit their conclusions by double counting all the glaciers along the peripheries of Greenland and Antarctica. NASA says much of projected sea level rise has been based on  attribution to glacier melt. It says “Both the International Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) and the US National Climate Assessment conclude that ice loss has been the largest contributor to sea-level rise during the past few decades, and will contribute to rising sea levels for the century to come.”

New atlas finds globe's glaciers have less ice than previously thought

The massive Upsala Glacier

Relevance for Kapiti and the KCDC’s belief in Sea Level Rise of 400 mm by 2050

For those who reject the scientific method, who are adherents of the great secular post-Modernist religion — where there are no facts, only perceptions — the facts about glaciers will be treated as Eurocentic garbage that must be cancelled. For those in Kapiti who remain convinced there are such things as provable facts and there is reality, the findings of the IGE will be extremely important. 

The data relied on by IPPC, Gurunathan, KCDC’s ‘scientists’ and by the Coastal Assessment Panel [CAP] is no longer fit for the purpose of guiding coastal hazard issues. However, if you are a believer in Jacob’s and rely on the Jacobs report, and its virtual guarantee that the sea level on the Kapiti will rise an astronomical 40 cm within 28 years reason is not going to change your mind.  Chairman Jim Bolger has already said that Jacobs is the gospel on science. 

A competent Council would ditch its current guru, American company Jacobs, and engage the best of international coastal scientists to present a report that relies on factual data.

On the KCDC website, Gurunathan says “We know from the recent international report released by the IPCC that climate change action is more urgent than ever. We cannot afford to put this off any longer”. 

The present mayor should now heed science and rein in his “Horses of the Panicked Response”. Instead, there is time indeed to get on a real steed. Time indeed to replace virtual reality with the virtue of truth.

A spokesperson for the Australian Bureau of Meteorology says in regard to Sydney Harbour on the other side of the Tasman Sea from us: “Global rates of change range from 1.4 mm/yr (between 1901 and 1990) to 3.2 mm/yr (between 1970 and 2015), while estimates of sea level rise within Sydney Harbour range from 0.73 – 1.13 mm/yr (between 1914 and 2007).” Taking the higher figure for Sydney, in 28 years the rise would be 32 mm so where do Jacobs get 400 mm from? —Eds