She’ll have to focus on other issues like cost-of-living instead.

Seymour told [the TV3 AM show[ on Thursday that the Government isn’t going fast or far enough.

“It’s not enough for people who are so fatigued, are ready to move on from rules that don’t make sense, but find themselves with a Prime Minister who is just terrified of letting go of COVID politics,” Seymour said. “We’re not making decisions based on public health and whether those restrictions actually stop the spread of COVID.”

He pointed to comments by Health Minister Andrew Little who said removing the restrictions would not lead to a rise in hospitalisations. 

“[It] seems the only reason for the continued restrictions is the Government is unwilling to admit, some of the things that made us do haven’t been working so they’re saving face.

“I think they just don’t want to get back to the cost-of-living and the problems with housing, problems with crime and poverty that they’re going to have to face up to, but not while we still have COVID politics dominating the scene.”

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