(Media release)

Our democracy is quietly being dismantled. We’re being transformed from a nation-state, where everyone has the same rights, to an ethno-state, where your rights depend on who your grandparents were.

The worst idea in human history is that we should treat people differently based on their group, rather than treating them as an individual. It makes the colour of your skin more important than the content of your character.

There’s Been No Debate

Co-governance – including Three Waters and He Puapua – is now everywhere. But it has never been openly discussed or debated.

Nobody in government has ever asked whether we want it. There’s just an assumption that there should be two sets of political rights.

People feel unable to criticise it for fear of being called racist. They ask: where is this coming from?

In a democracy, we the people have the right to determine the future of our country. The best way to have our say is a referendum on co-governance.

Our Proposal

ACT proposes that the next government passes legislation defining the principles of the Treaty, then ask the people to vote on it becoming law.

The Treaty Principles Act would say:

1. All citizens of New Zealand have the same political rights and duties
2. All political authority comes from the people by democratic means, including universal suffrage, and regular and free elections with a secret ballot
3. New Zealand is a multi-ethnic liberal democracy where discrimination based on ethnicity is illegal.

People who support co-governance would have to explain why different people should have different political rights.

That is a debate worth having. This election, ACT will be campaigning for a referendum on co-governance. We hope you will join us.