To garner enthusiasm from the populace, National needs to be more than just “Not quite as bad as the other lot.” As it is with poorly stated principles so far under Luxon, National risks losing a lot of votes to ACT and parties outside parliament.

12 May 2022

National’s fight for re-election

It becomes necessary to know the strength of your commitment to democratic principles.

Labour’s reforms introducing the vague concept of “co-governance” refuse to define it. But our research shows that co-governance means democracy, since adding “co” adds no meaning. It’s like saying “co-agreement”.

The word is a smokescreen. It lets Labour illegally wreck our long-cherished electoral balance, which as you know is protected by the Bill of Rights. Free New Zealand resolutely objects to Labour’s intention to boost the Maori vote to 500% or more of the value of other votes, as revealed in the analysis by the NZCPR.

Such electoral imbalance is not only anti-democratic, but unjustified by any quantum of DNA—because your rights are not reckoned from your race. The concept is repugnant.

National give the impression it approves of Labour’s odious, race-based co-governance but fails to insist they define it.

National baulks at promising to repeal Labour’s anti-democratic legislation, while conservative New Zealand shouts at you to restore our freedom. Make the commitment, and you must surely crush Labour in the next election. Refuse, and your conservative stalwarts will dump you in the hogwash of history.

Do not take New Zealand conservatives for granted, for if we don’t save our democracy now, it will be gone forever.

ACT has a strong claim on our loyalty because they agree to defend our freedoms. If National do not shortly stand to defend the world’s third-oldest continuous democracy, how could we stand having you in the next government?

With kindest regards,

Richard Treadgold
Facilitator — Free New Zealand

Cc National Party Board Members

Bcc National Members of Parliament