from the KCDC website

“On average, half of what we put in our rubbish bins in Kāpiti each week is food and garden waste (as found in our 2017 solid waste survey [PDF 1.98 MB]). Our Love your Compost campaign aims to change that!

“When food and garden waste end up in landfill it rots, rather than composting. This produces harmful methane gas (a potent greenhouse gas), and all the goodness of the food and garden waste is lost in the sealed landfill.

“By composting your food and garden waste, you can:

  • reduce your waste going to landfill
  • make a positive impact on climate change
  • improve the health of your soil by enriching it with organic matter and nutrients.

“Love Your Compost gives you all the information you need to make composting work for you. And we’ll give you a $40 voucher towards your chosen composting system or collection service!”

One of these — Composting, Future Fit and restoration planting — is being held at the Waikanae Community Market on Saturday 21 May between 8:00am to 12:00pm

Details of all the workshops are here