This intention was announced 3 years ago as part of the old SH1 revocation plans and the NZTA/Waka Kotahi contractors have begun initial work.

The works include the construction of foundations at both ends of the bridge and the project will take about 2 months according to the NZTA. The new lane — which will measure 2.5 metres wide and approximately 80 metres long — will have safety barriers and retaining walls (we assume at the abutments).

There will be only one path on the downstream side of the bridge and it is planned to be for both cyclists and pedestrians. Cyclists travelling south will either have to cross the road or just continue over the traffic lane. It’s not stated what will be done with the existing sidewalk on the bridge which is on the same side as the new path: to be left as is?

Motorists are advised that a lane closure over and leading up to the bridge to allow the works to be carried out is involved, with stop/go traffic control in place. We think there will be no pedestrian access to the area shown in the pic either.