Dougherty, the boss of KCDC until 2017, yet again demonstrates his well-known contempt for elected members and Ratepayers.

from Stuff

  • The Nelson City Council chief executive knew for weeks or even months that an Earthquake Prone Building notice would be issued for Civic House
  • Elected members believe they ought to have been told immediately or very soon after this was first raised as a possibility
  • The chief executive says he should have done things differently, but the building is structurally safe
  • A timeline of what emails were received when is at the bottom of the story

“When I knew, you knew.”

That was what Nelson City Council chief executive Pat Dougherty told elected members in a public meeting last week, referring to two reports indicating extremely high earthquake risk for parts of Civic House.

While those specific reports may not have been on his radar, Dougherty did know that Civic House was an earthquake risk and would be receiving Earthquake Prone Building (EPB) notices as early as December last year. Emails sighted by Stuff show that Dougherty and other members of the council’s senior leadership team were aware that the heavy ceiling tiles in the tower block would likely warrant an EPB notice last year, and were aware in April that the roof of the tower block was an issue, weeks before the chief executive told councillors or the Mayor.

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