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Nearly 60,000 Ukrainian refugees have been residing in Bulgarian Black Sea hotels since the beginning of the war in Ukraine but now as the summer tourist season is about to begin, Bulgaria has begun to evict the refugees from the hotels.

About 35,000 Ukrainians have been evicted, ordered to pack their bags and find a new place where to stay. The order was on a short notice and the people weren’t given enough time to find a new home so many of them are revolted.

The women in the video are heard saying “Here you have Europe, we are being evicted. Right now they were kicked out with bags.”

However this was to be expected as they need their hotels to check-in tourists who go to the beach as the tourist seasons begins on 1 June.

The remaining 25,000 who are still in Bulgarian hotels should probably start looking for new homes where to move so they aren’t taken by surprise as they too will probably be evicted soon.

To make matters worse for the Ukrainians, as of 1 June, Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Czechia, all traveling privileges will be canceled and they will have to start paying.

Czechia told the Ukrainians that all aid and privileges will be canceled soon and if the Ukrainians want to remain in Czechia they must get employed and earn their living just like everyone else.

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Meanwhile in Sweden — Ukrainian women must dress modestly so as not to upset its many Muslim migrants (!)