As council boss in Kapiti he was responsible for massive cost impositions on Kapiti Ratepayers from 2008 to 2017, which ran well into the millions — the worst example being the pointless multi-million dollar water meters. Some of his staff appointments were of people who simply should not have been employed in the council.

After Kapiti Ratepayers had made clear they’d had enough of constant Rates increases to pay for his ineptitude, mistakes and bad attitude, he went to Nelson.

Now according to the MSM: “Nelson City Council’s chief executive will not be re-applying for the role when his five-year term is up, meaning a new top dog will take his place from next year on.

“Dougherty announced he would not apply for another term on Tuesday, saying it had been a privilege. Council chief executives are limited to five-year contracts under the Local Government Act.”

In respect of the latter statement, councilors can offer a renewal which is what he got in Kapiti, for whatever reason best explained by those councilors at the time who decided to do that.

As in Kapiti, Nelsonians must ensure that their new Council will appoint someone who deserves to have the highly important role, not a career bureaucrat without the the skills and nous to run an organisation properly.